Computer Security And Encryption Becoming More Vital

Computer Security And Encryption Becoming More Vital

Computer security and encryption becoming more vital
One of​ the​ greatest miscalculations a​ business owner can commit is​ by not prioritizing how he will protect his computer system from unauthorized intrusions and data theft .​
There is​ a​ common belief among business owners especially those that do not operate a​ big business that their small size makes them safe from the​ malicious intent of​ computer phreakers and data thieves .​
They think that in​ a​ sea full of​ big fishes a​ small fish will be ignored,​ secure in​ the​ fact they are not worth the​ exertion and computer time for notorious data thieves.
Nothing can be farther from the​ truth .​
In fact,​ smaller businesses are far more vulnerable to​ internet security threats and all manner of​ data theft and electronic sabotage .​
Based on​ a​ study made by research firm AMI-Partners,​ almost half of​ all small and medium sized businesses have failed to​ implement even the​ most rudimentary security precautions – which includes the​ installation of​ antivirus and anti spyware programs .​
This oversight could be the​ main reason why when the​ Mydoom worm hit a​ few years back,​ one in​ three small and medium sized businesses were affected compared to​ just one in​ six among the​ larger companies were affected .​
This was discovered by the​ Internet Security Alliance,​ a​ non profit organization that deals with information security issues.
In fact,​ now more than ever data and network protection should be given more attention because of​ the​ ever evolving sophistication of​ data thieves .​
They are now more equipped with the​ software and hardware necessary to​ break into security measures instituted by data managers .​
What could the​ chance be for a​ company to​ weather an​ attack if​ the​ owner forgets or​ ignores putting in​ place data security and encryption policies for his business because he thinks it​ will just be an​ additional cost? Practically zero and the​ untold cost to​ his business would be far more greater.
It is​ for this reason that data security and encryption should be one of​ the​ priorities of​ a​ business .​
Anyone is​ vulnerable to​ an​ attack whether that business is​ an​ international conglomerate or​ a​ new start up .​
In fact,​ a​ big business will have more chance to​ recover compared to​ a​ small business because a​ big company will have the​ read funds available to​ rebuild the​ business .​
a​ small business,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ will not have the​ necessary funding to​ start the​ business all over again – making an​ attack quite catastrophic.
These facts are not lost on​ many software providers who are now coming up with many types of​ solutions that guarantee the​ safety of​ data in​ an​ office’s network .​
There are also software that bring security to​ a​ higher level by incorporating encryption technology in​ order to​ safeguard not only sensitive data but also to​ make it​ harder for hackers to​ get into networks or​ intercept data being transmitted from the​ corporate network to​ devices outside of​ the​ network .​
Encryption technology can,​ in​ fact,​ be seen as​ one of​ the​ highest levels of​ protection that a​ business can employ in​ order to​ ensure the​ integrity of​ its data and its computer network.

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