Computer Scrapbooks

Computer Scrapbooks

When digital cameras were first released on​ the​ market,​ everyone was excited. Finally,​ here was an​ easy way to​ take and store photos. No more would our closets be plagued with boxes and envelopes housing a​ hodgepodge of​ unorganized photographs. What we​ didn't realize was that soon,​ our computers would be filled with a​ hodgepodge of​ unorganized photographs.

The explosion of​ home computers and the​ Internet has led to​ an​ increased need for people to​ organize computer scrapbooks. It's easy to​ accumulate literally thousands of​ digital pictures,​ and it's just as​ easy to​ get them all mixed up. Try finding a​ favorite photo as​ you're scanning through a​ list of​ numbers and letters. Creating computer scrapbooks makes it​ quick and easy to​ locate the​ photographs,​ as​ soon as​ you want to​ see them.

When preparing your computer scrapbooks,​ the​ first step should always be renaming your photos. You should use file names that are easy to​ understand and organize,​ rather than keeping the​ default names set by your digital photography software. Anyone who has used a​ digital camera or​ camera phone knows just how hard it​ can be to​ decipher the​ file names,​ let alone selecting the​ photographs. Proper titles listed in​ computer scrapbooks make it​ easy to​ remember which pictures you have.

One key point to​ remember is​ that all of​ your computer scrapbook files will be sorted in​ alphabetical order. This can get confusing,​ particularly if​ you're naming pictures by date. Rather than call your photos 'January10',​ 'April21' etc,​ use the​ numerical format year,​ month and then day. Those same files will now be called 20050110Baby and 20050421Baby. in​ doing so,​ your computer will display them in​ the​ correct date order for you.

After your photo files have been renamed,​ you need to​ create folders to​ store the​ different types of​ photo files. Try organizing your computer scrapbooks by subject,​ theme or​ occasion. This will allow you to​ find your photos much easier later on. For example,​ create a​ folder called 'Baby Pictures' and save all of​ your baby photographs in​ that folder. By setting up and following a​ naming system,​ you'll soon have the​ most well organized computer scrapbooks around.

Whether or​ not you print your digital photos,​ always create backups of​ all your computer scrapbook files. There are many archiving programs that can be used to​ compress large files,​ enabling them to​ be stored on​ a​ CD or​ other removable disk. it​ is​ essential that you label your CDs to​ keep your computer scrapbook backups as​ organized as​ the​ originals. You can write the​ title on​ the​ CD itself,​ but you should also remember to​ alter the​ name of​ the​ CD as​ read by the​ computer. Most CD writing software automatically prompts you to​ give the​ CD a​ title,​ but check the​ instructions before you start the​ burning process so you,​ and your computer,​ will be able to​ clearly identify the​ CDs.

Digital cameras make it​ easy to​ take and save pictures. Computer scrapbooks make it​ easy to​ find the​ pictures anytime you're ready to​ take a​ trip down memory lane or​ share the​ digital images with your friends.

Computer Scrapbooks

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