Computer Recycling Switch To Environmental Friendly Mode

Computer Recycling Switch To Environmental Friendly Mode

Computer Recycling Switch to​ Environmental Friendly Mode
Computer recycling refers to​ the​ practice of​ salvaging useable components from obsolete electronic devices or​ safely disposing off electronic devices. it​ is​ a​ practice that each one of​ us must inculcate because inappropriate handling of​ discarded computers and other electronic devices can cause environmental hazards.
Studies estimate that over 40 million electronic pieces become obsolete annually. These pieces have constituents such as​ lead,​ cadmium,​ barium,​ and mercury,​ which are hazardous to​ the​ environment. in​ a​ landfill,​ these materials seep into the​ ground and then into our food and water supplies. This can cause serious health concerns over a​ long period.
Obsolete Computers Environmental Threats
Obsolete computers that are simply dumped in​ the​ garbage drums are the​ biggest threat to​ the​ environment. the​ computer monitors have cathode ray tubes containing four to​ five pounds of​ lead that contaminates the​ environment acutely. Besides lead,​ the​ computers have many other hazardous elements such as​ mercury,​ cadmium,​ and hexavalent chromium. When inhaled over a​ long period,​ these elements cause high blood pressure,​ liver and nerve disease,​ blood with poor iron,​ and even brain damage to​ the​ exposed group. This causes great concern,​ considering several million computers become obsolete annually.
Therefore,​ we​ must handle the​ obsolete electronic devices carefully. Moreover,​ different Environmental Laws have banned the​ illegal landfills by the​ disposals of​ computers and other electronic equipment. These laws necessitate sending the​ unfunctional computers to​ a​ reputable recycler for harmless recycling. the​ laws also specify the​ need for regular recycling to​ avoid such computers from piling up.
There are several methods to​ deal with old computers. Some of​ them are as​ follows
· Give it​ For Reuse if​ your computer is​ in​ a​ decent condition,​ you can sell it​ to​ a​ company or​ an individual so that it​ can be used further,​ or​ simply donate it​ to​ someone needy.
· Trade it​ in​ There are many computer dealers e. g. HP who offer tradein promotions on​ computers and peripherals.
· Auction it​ You can sell the​ computer on​ eBay or​ any other auction site. You can also organize a​ quick garage sale and see if​ any of​ your friends or​ neighbors wants the​ computer.
· Set up a​ Server You can continue using the​ old computer as​ a​ server to​ store and share data.
· Salvage Some Parts You can see which parts of​ your computers are in​ good working condition. You can salvage those parts and use them in​ your new computer.
Go for computer recycling and safe the​ planet earth!

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