Computer Programming Degrees Ideal For Women

Computer programming degrees have come a​ long way in​ the​ last two decades. the​ typical image of​ a​ geek with thick glasses and a​ pocket protector hunched over a​ computer keyboard has faded in​ the​ wake of​ the​ incredible boom in​ computer programming careers. Today’s programmers can be successful members of​ cutting edge teams,​ independent contractors setting their own hours and executives developing new code and languages that sell for millions of​ dollars to​ corporations. There is​ no longer anything typical about being a​ programmer,​ except that males still dominate the​ field. Over eighty percent of​ individuals with a​ computer programmer degree are still men.

It’s a​ shame that more women haven’t entered the​ field,​ but in​ the​ last few years this has begun to​ change. This is​ a​ good sign for the​ industry and for women. the​ industry can benefit a​ great deal from the​ unique perspectives of​ women,​ and women with computer programming degrees can have successful,​ high-paying careers that will take them places.

Why a​ Woman Should Get a​ Computer Programming Degree

Most young women don’t initially consider a​ computer degree when considering an​ occupation,​ but this is​ a​ mistake. These jobs have several things going for them that make them perfect for many women:

1: Most programming positions are in​ an​ office environment. It’s a​ professional job with few physical demands and,​ for the​ most part,​ regular hours.

2: There is​ flexibility for women with families. Many of​ today’s programmers work for themselves as​ independent contractors,​ so a​ woman can work full-time or​ part-time depending on​ her family’s needs.

3: the​ salary for programmers typically begins in​ the​ $40,​000 range and can reach the​ six figures.

4: Colleges and universities are actively seeking women with computer programming degrees to​ add to​ their staff. This gives women another career option that also offers flexibility.

5: Women who become computer programmers usually excel in​ this field. One theory is​ that their tendency toward linguistic skills enables them to​ write cleaner,​ simpler code with fewer errors.

6: Social skills combined with computer programming skill translate to​ a​ quick move up the​ corporate ladder; female programmers may have an​ edge over men when it​ comes to​ “playing well with others.”

What’s Responsible for the​ Upswing?

Why are more women pursuing computer programming degrees after years of​ being obviously missing? It’s impossible to​ know,​ but one reason may be that the​ mystery surrounding this field has simply faded as​ the​ demand for talent has grown. the​ “old boys” network is​ no longer so entrenched in​ any professional area and programming is​ no exception.

Another theory is​ that the​ first generation of​ computer programmers (primarily men) now have children who are entering college. Many of​ these male programmers have daughters they may be encouraging. These women are more likely to​ follow in​ the​ footsteps of​ their parents,​ and a​ generation ago there weren’t a​ lot of​ role models in​ the​ fledgling industry for young girls.

Whatever the​ reasons,​ computer experts are happy to​ note that after a​ twenty-year reduction in​ the​ number of​ women in​ the​ profession,​ female enrollment in​ computer programming courses is​ on​ the​ upswing. They hope that more women will pursue computer programming degrees in​ the​ coming years.

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