Computer Program Enables Investors To Analyze Property

Computer Program Enables Investors to​ Analyze Property
The flourishing real estate market has resulted in​ a​ significant increase in​ first-time real estate investors .​
With limited experience in​ real estate,​ it​ can be a​ risky move to​ buy property without knowing for certain what the​ return on​ the​ initial investment would be.
Thousands of​ investors have been using the​ Real Estate Acquisition Program,​ also called REAP,​ to​ assess the​ risks in​ their investments.
Each candidate property can be entered in​ less than five minutes by inputting the​ purchase,​ loan and rental specifics .​
The inclusion of​ depreciation and taxes will show the​ huge effect on​ cash flow - particularly post-tax profits where investor insight becomes very powerful .​
Additionally,​ the​ appreciation variables,​ capital growth and inflation allow the​ user to​ see a​ long-term economic picture.
The software then evaluates the​ property economics,​ cash flow potential,​ debt to​ equity and pre/post-tax implications .​
The investment viability is​ revealed in​ a​ series of​ one-page reports.
Created by Dolf de Roos,​ a​ real estate investor with 30 years of​ property-buying decisions under his belt,​ the​ REAP software assists property investors in​ quickly analyzing a​ property to​ determine whether it​ is​ a​ good deal or​ not.
Knowing what your return will be on​ a​ property before you put time and money into it​ can save an​ investor countless headaches,​ said de Roos.
REAP,​ with its editable fields in​ a​ fully relational database,​ has a​ built-in online upload feature,​ enabling the​ user to​ download periodic updates,​ which are free with the​ initial license .​
It is​ beneficial for any real estate investor,​ novice or​ veteran.

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