Computer Operating Systems

Computer Operating Systems

Computer Operating Systems
Computer operating systems have evolved over the​ years to​ become one of​ the​ most integral software components of​ a​ computer system .​
Without the​ operating system,​ being able to​ use a​ personal computer would be much more difficult .​
the​ operating system allows the​ user to​ easily and more successfully navigate the​ computer system without having to​ know complicated commands and requests.
In the​ early days of​ computers,​ operating systems weren’t part of​ the​ overall system configuration .​
They came about after the​ super computers had already been invented .​
Before operating systems,​ information was input into the​ computer with punch cards .​
the​ system wasn’t very efficient and required knowledge of​ punch card machines just to​ get the​ desired information from the​ computer.
Then some programmers had a​ vision .​
They thought it​ would be wonderful if​ everyone could use a​ computer without having to​ know about complicated programming language .​
They began designing the​ first computer operating systems,​ and soon found success .​

Today,​ there are many computer operating systems both already developed as​ well as​ currently in​ development .​
Most of​ these operating systems are designed solely with the​ user in​ mind .​
They allow computer operators to​ simply load programs into their computers and then navigate their system with the​ point of​ a​ mouse and the​ click of​ a​ button.
All computer operating systems have certain processes that they perform behind the​ scenes so that the​ user doesn’t really know that they are happening .​
This is​ called multi-tasking and makes it​ much easier to​ use a​ computer without having to​ manage resources manually .​
the​ operating system does it​ for you!
Your computer operating system will manage your random access memory,​ your hard disk memory,​ the​ scheduling of​ tasks,​ and so much more! It will provide a​ level of​ security to​ your computer so that you don’t have to​ worry about an​ outside party gaining access to​ any of​ the​ information on​ your computer .​
It will also navigate the​ various programs that are on​ your computer when you want to​ open those programs .​
Just tell the​ operating system,​ and it’ll take care of​ the​ rest!
The most popular operating systems today are Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X .​
the​ technology for most computer operating systems came from these two computer giants and other operating systems have evolved from those .​
Linux and GNU are two other operating systems that are beginning to​ take hold in​ popularity,​ although they are mainly geared toward the​ mainframe and network system market.
The computer operating system brought personal computers into our homes and businesses and made it​ easy for anyone to​ use a​ computer .​
Without the​ computer operating system,​ using a​ computer would remain in​ the​ dark ages.

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