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It goes without saying that if​ you work in​ an​ office,​ you are very likely looking at​ a​ computer screen day after day .​
Technology has changed the​ way we​ do business and this means that computers are here to​ stay .​
Depending on​ how you have your office space set up you may find that your back is​ facing the​ doorway which can lead to​ some uncomfortable situations .​
If you’ve ever been hard at​ work typing away and someone has come up behind you,​ you know that it​ can be startling .​
Having a​ computer monitor mirror can alleviate that problem.
When you work in​ an​ office with many people you already know how difficult it​ can be to​ focus on​ the​ task at​ hand .​
Phones ringing,​ chit-chat going on​ and foot traffic can make for a​ very disruptive and non-productive work environment .​
Positioning yourself so you are less likely to​ be distracted can help you accomplish what needs to​ be done .​
With a​ computer monitor mirror you can keep an​ eye on​ what’s going on​ without letting it​ influence your work.
There are several different designs available and the​ one you choose will vary depending on​ the​ type of​ monitor you have .​
One of​ the​ most popular types of​ computer monitor mirror fits along the​ top of​ a​ desktop computer monitor .​
You place it​ there and it​ runs the​ length of​ the​ monitor which allows you to​ see what is​ happening behind you in​ every direction .​
This type comes with a​ self-adhesive strip which means you can easily install the​ computer monitor mirror yourself.
Another design can be placed on​ either a​ desktop computer monitor as​ well as​ a​ laptop .​
This type comes complete with a​ bracket that allows you to​ adjust exactly where you want it​ placed .​
a​ computer monitor mirror like this can be put on​ either side of​ the​ monitor and removed easily .​
This allows the​ user to​ position it​ so they can see their doorway or​ the​ desk right behind them .​
Many people prefer this design of​ computer monitor mirror as​ it​ doesn’t require the​ use of​ the​ adhesive.
Finding one is​ generally as​ easy as​ going to​ your local computer store .​
The sales associates will be able to​ explain how each one works and which they feel is​ most appropriate for your particular situation .​
Naturally,​ finding them online is​ just as​ simple as​ many websites now offer them with overnight shipping.
Staying focused on​ work is​ extremely important and finding anything that can aid in​ that is​ welcomed .​
Using a​ mirror that is​ attached to​ your monitor will keep you working while affording you the​ ability to​ know what’s going on​ around you.

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