Computer Identity Theft

Computer Identity Theft

Ways to​ Protect Yourself from Computer Identity Theft
Identity theft is​ considered as​ a​ huge problem in​ our society .​
Since everyday,​ there is​ an​ increase in​ the​ number of​ user of​ internet and most people consider computer as​ a​ big part of​ their lives,​ there is​ also an​ increase of​ cases of​ identity theft .​

Individuals who are new in​ using the​ internet sometimes become to​ victim to​ computer identity theft systems .​
In most cases,​ the​ person involved in​ the​ identity theft systems uses your credit cards to​ buy supplies and merchandise for themselves.
While others will get an​ application for credit card,​ make bank account and destroy your good credit score .​
In addition,​ making some correction about such subjects includes more time,​ effort and is​ stressful,​ so here are ten useful ways that you can use to​ avoid yourself from being an​ identity theft prey .​
• Make a​ disposable email address
Make sure that you have an​ email address that you can only use for businesses and other personal communication .​
If for instance,​ you want to​ buy something online,​ or​ you want to​ join a​ newsgroup,​ it​ is​ better than you use a​ disposable email address .​
Yahoo and hotmail are some of​ the​ free accounts where you can make you own disposable email .​
Both of​ these are able to​ interface with other famous email clientele such as​ the​ outlook and the​ outlook express .​
You can use one of​ the​ two for your purchasing transactions .​
• Cover up your internet identity
If your name is​ Chris Brown try to​ not to​ use it​ in​ making your email accounts especially when having business with people you are not familiar with and deceitful-looking .​
Perhaps if​ your birth date is​ April 3,​ 1980,​ do not make an​ account that contains both your name and birth date .​
• Use a​ unique password
You can use one password for your private data,​ and then use a​ different one for your dealing account and another one for your disposable email addresses you made .​
If possible,​ do not use passwords that appear in​ order like password3 for your private account,​ password4 for you business transactions and password4 for disposable email addresses .​

• Use tough passwords
Avoid using birthdates,​ anniversaries,​ or​ your children’s birthdates when making passwords .​
Do not use passwords that are purely letters or​ numbers .​
In addition,​ to​ not to​ use passwords consist true words .​
Make passwords made of​ phases like I​ drink 1 glass of​ milk everyday .​
Get the​ first letter of​ every word in​ the​ phrase and it​ will result to​ id1gome .​

• Change your passwords
You must change you passwords at​ least every 6 months or​ if​ you want,​ you can have it​ changed every year .​
If you think your passwords have been exposed,​ change them for your protection .​
• It is​ important that you only use one credit card for every online transaction that you make
If you have more than three credit cards,​ stick to​ the​ one that you know will best work for online transactions .​
This is​ to​ monitor the​ transactions made with each of​ your credit cards .​
Therefore,​ if​ your other credit cards have an​ online transactions you are certain that those are fake .​
• Make use of​ a​ credit card rather than a​ debit card
Though many debit cards have online purchase safety steps,​ it​ is​ easier to​ fight fake charges than to​ refund debit card finances already used.
• When you make online transactions ensure that it​ is​ safe
If you are making your first transaction on​ the​ internet,​ make sure that the​ company you are dealing with is​ someone familiar or​ referred to​ you by a​ trusted one .​
• Check for the​ company’s privacy guidelines
When doing the​ first purchasing online,​ ensure to​ check the​ privacy guidelines,​ search for logos from purchasers groups and try to​ find out if​ they are a​ member of​ the​ better business bureau .​
If possible,​ click the​ logos to​ confirm that they are genuine .​

• Do not open or​ sign up email inviting you to​ update your email account or​ credit card information through email.
These are only fraudulent .​
Some people do them attempt and secure your personal data .​
Most of​ them increasingly improve their modus operandi and go to​ great lengths to​ appear genuine like the​ company websites using their own logos .​
Following the​ above guidelines,​ you are surely keeping yourself away from this computer identity theft.

Computer Identity Theft

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