Computer Home Based Jobs If You Can Play Pacman You Can Do This

Computer Home Based Jobs – If You Can Play Pacman You Can Do This!
I’ve often thought of​ myself as​ a​ sort of​ walking discrepancy .​
I​ think that it’d be just a​ little too much of​ a​ delusion of​ grandeur to​ try to​ go the​ yin yang route .​
But paradoxical and hypocritical seem to​ fit the​ bill pretty accurately .​
I​ mean,​ I​ like something but hate it​ too .​
And it’s not wholly out of​ character for me to​ say one thing and do another .​
I’m assuming that this can be irritating to​ those around me; fortunately most of​ my friends are hopped up on​ enough adderrol that leads them to​ sufficiently recognize their own shortcomings so as​ not to​ focus on​ mine (although the​ 40 mg of​ adderrol has got their focus razor sharp if​ they wanted to) .​
With this in​ mind,​ I’d like to​ consider yet another discrepancy.
I love laziness .​
I​ mean I​ really embrace it,​ in​ fact with such zeal that it​ borders on​ not being lazy at​ all .​
But,​ I’ll tell you what,​ if​ I​ am not facing some type of​ challenge that requires great amounts of​ energy and effort in​ order to​ succeed in​ order to​ get that feeling of​ finality and completion,​ I​ just want to​ fling myself off a​ bridge due to​ boredom.
As with most paradoxes where both contradcting forces need to​ be satisfied,​ a​ dilemma is​ unavoidable here .​
But,​ also like most dilemmas,​ an​ solution is​ possible .​
I​ need to​ be lazy,​ so I​ can work from home (this isn’t to​ disparage others that work at​ home with good reason,​ I​ simply have no other reason than laziness) .​
But,​ the​ ever changing world of​ computers will offer me the​ complexity and difficulty I​ need to​ satiate my need to​ assuage boredom with challenging projects .​

As you know with computers there’s great demand for those with the​ skills to​ trouble shoot,​ repair,​ program,​ maintain and all other seemingly infinite facets of​ the​ field that leaves the​ average person clueless .​
These are all jobs that can be done with a​ computer home based job .​
Its just that easy and thank god challenging at​ the​ same time .​
I​ work at​ home,​ easy .​
I​ work with computers,​ challenging .​
I’ve got a​ computer home based job and every one of​ my naturally based,​ impossible to​ satisfy personal discrepancies satisfied.

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