Computer Games In The Childs Life

Computer Games in​ the​ Child’s Life
Computer games have a​ large army of​ opponents who is​ never tired of​ blaming the​ gaming industry with all the​ mortal sins .​
I​ cannot say that I​ do support them and their accusations .​
Surely they are not groundless .​
But I​ want to​ find out: are games the​ only ones to​ blame? Do you remember the​ winter tragedy of​ 1997 in​ provincial American town of​ Paducah? On a​ bright winter morning of​ the​ first of​ December,​ a​ 14 –year-old Michael Carneal’s took six guns to​ school with him .​
After that he hid in​ the​ trees and waited till school prayer ended .​
When the​ pupils started going out from the​ chapel he fired rapidly and killed three schoolchildren and another five were seriously wounded .​
the​ journalists informed the​ whole world of​ the​ tragedy without any delay .​
I​ consider it​ to​ be the​ first mistake .​
Why? Some people may think: Why can’t I​ try such a​ trick myself and become known all over the​ world? Believe me,​ there are enough people who would think just like that .​
Media should not provoke their ill imagination with such scandals .​
It is​ my personal belief .​
But we​ are living in​ a​ free society,​ with a​ guarantee of​ freedom of​ speech and concealing this fact from public would prove quite the​ opposite.
Unfortunately,​ my misgivings came true .​
The tragedy echoed in​ Colorado in​ a​ small town of​ Littleton after a​ while .​
Two youngsters Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17) took into account their predecessor’s experience and brought to​ school about forty hands- made radio-controlled mines .​
Then they started to​ blow up the​ mines and in​ the​ panic they fired their hunting rifles at​ their school mates .​
Twenty innocent people were killed .​
When the​ police arrived these two heroes shot themselves in​ the​ school library .​
Like in​ the​ case with the​ first teenager the​ two guys were vehement fans of​ DOOM and Quake .​
The trio spent all their time in​ net battles,​ had their own web pages devoted to​ their favourite games and built the​ levels .​
Analysing the​ reasons of​ the​ outrageous conduct the​ specialists were stumped with the​ question who was at​ fault? the​ parents of​ the​ killed children knew exactly who was to​ blame .​
They sued the​ entertaining industry with $ 130 million dollars .​
They brought a​ charge against three owners of​ pоrno sites,​ a​ few companies developing the​ computer games and film company Warner Brothers for their film Basketball Diaries,​ where the​ main character kills his teacher and his school mates .​
However the​ main stress was on​ the​ cruel games .​
the​ prosecution insists that the​ games produced by these companies present violence in​ especially attractive and pleasant manner.
May I​ ask,​ why are games the​ first to​ blame? Thousands of​ new games come up every year and thousands of​ people play them .​
The contents of​ the​ games can not be compared with the​ abundance of​ informational dirt in​ the​ movies .​
My personal opinion is​ that films have no competitors in​ violence .​
Films demonstrate really scary things: how the​ crimes should be prepared and what fun it​ can be to​ kill people like you .​
In this aspect games are underachievers .​
Besides the​ movies we​ also have TV where every criminal report shows the​ different types of​ murders with anything available .​
Don’t you worry about it? the​ court unconditionally acknowledged the​ negative influence of​ games on​ Michael’s immature psyche .​
However,​ the​ examination proved him to​ be quite adequate! After this he was sentenced to​ a​ life imprisonment without being eligible for ticket of​ leave during the​ first 25 years of​ his term .​
Harris and Klebold will be judged by quite the​ other court.

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