Computer Game Review Innovations And Developments

Computer Game Review - Innovations And Developments
The continuing advances in​ graphics technology,​ platform gaming infrastructure,​ processor technology and innovations in​ design will see more aggressive developments in​ computer games this 2006.
Gaming has traveled a​ long way today from the​ baby steps of​ the​ video games about thirty years ago .​
The square and jagged edged figures that used to​ dominate and entertain gamers on​ the​ screen is​ now more video-movie like if​ not life like that people today finds computer games more challenging and exciting.
The constant improvements made in​ computer technology exceeded expectations in​ the​ sales of​ computer games soft ware and has turned it​ into one big business in​ a​ very short span of​ time .​
The biggest impact on​ these games coming form the​ role playing games and the​ first person shooters.
The development of​ broadband had contributed very substantially to​ online gaming that in​ countries like South Korea,​ online gaming (Starcraft Gozu) has gathered a​ lot of​ followers dubbing the​ game fondly as​ its national sport .​
Online gaming has gained a​ popularity never seen before (or possible before),​ that international tournament are waged and battled online .​
Always trying to​ outwit and outplay the​ competition,​ world wide,​ online gaming has become very challenging and intense.
Where computer game designs used to​ be a​ simpler affair,​ today teams of​ artists,​ musicians,​ producers and gaming industries are working together to​ make the​ best and offer their best to​ the​ public that has patronized the​ games very well .​
The industry however has not,​ in​ marketing parlance,​ reached the​ peak .​
In my opinion,​ it​ is​ nowhere near it .​
The constant innovations that are shaping the​ computer games industry is​ so vast varied exciting and rewarding,​ enough material to​ motivate the​ designers and gamers to​ move on,​ that who knows what surprises are in​ store for the​ gaming public in​ the​ future.
What make computer games very popular are the​ regular releases of​ good computer game software .​
If you have not yet tried out the​ following,​ find a​ demo and find out for yourself.
1) Backyard Baseball 2005
2) Battlefield 2
3) Civilization IV
4) Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX3
6) Fifa 06
7) Food Fight!
8) Grand Theft Auto
9) Harry Potter and the​ Goblet of​ Fire
10) Legend of​ Zelda: the​ Minish Cap
11) Mario Kant DS
12) Need for Speed
13) Ninja Gaiden Black
14) Peter Jackson's King Kong
15) Resident Evil 4
16) Sid Meier's Pirates!
17) Sly 3: Honor Amongst Thieves
18) the​ Chronicles of​ Narnia: the​ Lion,​ the​ Witch,​ and the​ Wardrobe
19) the​ Incredibles: Rise of​ the​ Underminer
20) we​ Love Katamari
Console Gaming
The technology race in​ the​ computer games category will be heavily participated by Microsoft with their Xbox 360 - powered by a​ multi core processing unit,​ Sony's Playstation 3 by a​ cell processor technology,​ and Revolution by Nintendo will allow player interaction through a​ wireless motion sensing controller.
The popularity of​ the​ computer and video games has been a​ big business that it​ has surpassed the​ revenues of​ the​ film industry excluding the​ films ancillary revenues .​
However additional business for the​ computer games also comes in​ the​ form of​ trading cards,​ T-shirt prints of​ popular characters in​ video games and game titles and television shows that features reviews and gaming competitions .​
Judging from continuing developments and innovations in​ the​ game designs and computer technology,​ the​ year 2006 will even be more exciting.

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