Computer Game Design

Although computers have come a​ long way since the​ beginning of​ the​ digital age,​ I​ can't help but feel that something has been lost of​ the​ artistry that once dominated the​ field .​
Nowhere is​ this lost more apparent than in​ computer game design .​
At the​ very beginning of​ the​ digital age,​ computer game designers were programmers .​
Computer game design was not a​ profession at​ that point,​ but a​ hobby .​
the​ technology was pretty primitive by today's standards,​ but it​ was a​ very fresh and new to​ the​ people who are working with it .​
the​ graphics were simple,​ so computer game designs had to​ be based around elegant programming and interesting and playable concepts for gaming .​
Things sure have changed since those days.
Don't get me wrong,​ there are some good things about modern computer game design .​
Computer game design has become a​ full-fledged professional field,​ with artists,​ programmers,​ interface designers,​ story borders,​ and all kinds of​ other specializations to​ make the​ most impressive games in​ history .​
Modern computer games even have actors in​ them for gods sake! But I​ can't help thinking that something is​ been lost .​
You see,​ modern computer game design is​ based not around having good games,​but having impressive graphics and big explosions .​
the​ coders are so distant from the​ game but it​ feels like gameplay suffers .​
It is​ all based on​ using the​ most advanced design tools available,​ so those for programming the​ game never get to​ actually interact with it .​
I​ can't help but think that this isn't how it​ should be.
I have talked to​ a​ lot of​ players,​ as​ well as​ programmers .​
Many of​ them appreciate all of​ the​ computer game editors out there as​ well as​ the​ sophisticated graphic engines that allow them to​ play,​ edit,​ and create fantastic characters .​
But at​ the​ same time,​ almost all of​ them play some of​ the​ classic arcade games of​ yesterday .​
Why is​ this? In part,​ I​ am sure,​ it​ is​ nostalgia .​
Most of​ us grew up in​ the​ early age of​ computer game design .​
we​ miss the​ games of​ our childhood from time to​ time .​
But I​ do not think that this is​ all that there is​ to​ it .​
It seems to​ me that something is​ missing from the​ games of​ today,​ and that people notice it .​
the​ escapism is​ great .​
You can believe that you really are there in​ the​ action .​
But at​ the​ same time,​ wouldn't it​ be great if​ computer game design could capture some of​ the​ magic of​ yesterday?

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