Computer Game Design

There are plenty of​ fun jobs in​ the​ current world we​ live in​ .​
You just have to​ take a​ look around .​
So many people fail to​ do this .​
I​ laugh at​ some of​ my buddies,​ because they're still resorting to​ newspaper ads and such .​
This is​ gone with 80s! we​ live in​ a​ world of​ cyberspace madness .​
On the​ Internet is​ where you should be if​ you're in​ the​ market for work .​
Ever heard of​ or​ Now,​ what about those outstanding gigs? Well,​ do you like playing video games? If you're a​ male under the​ age of​ 40,​ then the​ answer is​ an​ automatic yes .​
What you need is​ a​ career in​ computer game design .​
I'll bet you spend oodles of​ time on​ your PC already .​
Imagine a​ career where you're the​ one creating and playing games for a​ living .​
That's living it​ up my friends .​
It was a​ hot summer day in​ Chapel Hill,​ North Carolina .​
I​ was 20 years old and working hard as​ a​ Chinese food delivery guy .​
My current order was to​ a​ business center .​
This is​ one of​ those gigantic glass buildings that have numerous offices for various businesses .​
This one was to​ a​ few males in​ their 20s .​
I​ was shocked when they opened the​ door .​
Here sat three goofy,​ laid back Asian guys,​ who were playing video games .​
What was going on? I​ wanted the​ scoop .​
They invited me in​ with jovial grins .​
I​ stepped in​ with a​ look of​ awe on​ my face .​
I​ had to​ ask what they were doing,​ and were they actually getting paid for it .​
As it​ turned out,​ they were computer game design workers .​
One guy told me they were currently playing a​ new video game in​ order to​ work out the​ kinks .​
How in​ God's name could this be a​ career? Honestly,​ who cares? the​ point is​ that it​ IS .​
I​ had to​ tell my best buddy,​ who was a​ computer geek,​ about computer game design and these cool fellows I'd just met .​
So that's my story .​
It's experiences like these that really cause us to​ do a​ reality check regarding our current job positions or​ career choices .​
Obviously a​ high number of​ jobs are pretty poor in​ comparison to​ those such as​ a​ computer game design technician .​
It's tough to​ compete with playing video games all day and getting paid for it .​
What's your current job?

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