Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics
The investigator waited until midnight,​ when the​ plant was empty,​ and thousands of​ computers had slipped into screen-saver slumber .​
Furtively,​ he sat in​ front of​ a​ colleague’s personal computer .​
In half an​ hour,​ the​ detective made an​ exact copy of​ the​ colleague’s hard drive .​
Then,​ using a​ program called Encase,​ he uncovered hundreds of​ pоrnographic images,​ which eventually cost the​ coworker his job.
Workplace computers are company property,​ so employers may inspect their contents .​
Only in​ Connecticut must employers inform workers of​ computer monitoring .​
According to​ the​ American Management Association,​ 45 percent of​ our nation’s large companies use computer forensics to​ electronically monitor workers’ computers.
The number of​ employees involved in​ Internet-related crimes or​ violations of​ company computer use policy is​ rising .​
Dow Chemical fired or​ disciplined 200 employees for trading dirty jokes and photos by e-mail .​
Then Xerox fired 40 workers,​ and the​ New York Times terminated 23 employees for similar violations.
Recently a​ small firm in​ Utah noticed that its servers were full .​
An employee remarked that several workers were regularly downloading music albums from Napster .​
The albums ended up on​ the​ servers,​ taking up megabytes of​ valuable space .​
An innocent (or intentional?) act had disrupted this company’s day-to-day operations.
Smaller businesses usually can’t afford the​ $200-450-per-hour fees charged by computer forensics consultants .​
But,​ by publishing company computer/internet policies and corresponding consequences for violations,​ requiring employees to​ sign compliance documents,​ regularly checking e-mail and hard drive contents,​ and asking employees to​ report infractions,​ small businesses can begin to​ police their own computer systems .​
Making employees aware that forensic software and personnel are available could deter some workers from wrongdoing .​
Call AmCheck for assistance in​ developing a​ computer use policy at​ 888-AMCHECK.
(Source: Miller,​ Greg High-Tech Snooping All in​ Day’s Work; Security: Some Firms Are Now Using Computer Investigators to​ Uncover Employee Wrongdoing Los Angeles Times HR News Wire.)

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