Computer Forensics Finding Out What The Bad Guys Did With Their Computers

Computer Forensics Finding Out What The Bad Guys Did With Their

Computer Forensics - Finding Out What the​ Bad Guys Did With Their Computers!
Computer forensics is​ a​ lot like the​ CSI investigation programs on​ the​ television .​
Using advanced techniques and technologies,​ a​ computer forensic scientist will reconstruct a​ possible crime using the​ data that one computer systems .​
This data may include email trails,​ files,​ hidden directories and other related clues .​

Computer Forensics is​ the​ scientific study of​ computers or​ computer related data in​ relation to​ an​ investigation by a​ law enforcement agency for use in​ a​ court of​ law .​
While this technology may be as​ old as​ computers themselves,​ the​ advances in​ technology are constantly revising this science .​

While all computer languages are created with ones and zeros,​ it's much easier to​ track what was done when,​ although by whom continues to​ be problematic .​
Forensic science has done well to​ keep up with the​ task of​ tracking and tracing what is​ done and creation of​ a​ timeline in​ an​ attempt to​ reconstruct a​ possible crime .​
Although it's possible to​ clean and remove data from a​ hard drive,​ most people simply think that a​ delete key really removed the​ data .​
In actuality,​ the​ delete key simply removed the​ file location from an​ index file and the​ actual data is​ still safely on​ the​ system .​
It's up to​ the​ data recovery skills of​ the​ forensic computer personnel to​ capture and restore that data without modification .​

Computer forensics can be used to​ track emails,​ instant messaging and just about any other form of​ computer related communications .​
This can be necessary,​ especially in​ the​ world where computers and data travel around the​ world in​ seconds .​
Packet sniffers can literally be placed within a​ data stream and provide information on​ what's running through the​ network in​ real time .​
This is​ really phenomenal considering the​ millions upon millions of​ data packets moving through any individual part of​ the​ network .​

Computer forensic science is​ an​ interesting niche in​ the​ law enforcement field that is​ seldom considered as​ a​ career .​
As it's relatively new,​ the​ field is​ considered by many to​ be wide open for anyone with the​ initiative to​ learn the​ skills .​
Unlike many computer related jobs,​ a​ computer forensic specialist will not be outsourced to​ a​ country on​ the​ other side of​ the​ world .​
the​ confidentiality of​ the​ data is​ just too sensitive to​ allow it​ to​ travel throughout the​ world just to​ save a​ little cash.

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