Computer Consulting Profit Secrets

Computer Consulting Profit Secrets

Computer Consulting Profit Secrets
Do you own or​ manage a​ computer consulting company? Are you having trouble growing your computer consulting companys profits?
If so,​ then you must learn how to​ focus on​ your computer consulting firms profit and bottom line.
In this article,​ well look at​ 7 profit secrets and strategies you can use in​ your computer consulting business,​ to​ ensure that you are able to​ balance your clients small business it​ needs against your own computer consulting companys profitability challenges.
Origins of​ the​ Problem
While focusing on​ your computer consulting profits may sound simple enough at​ first glance,​ this businessfocused discipline often eludes many a​ computer consulting firm.
This usually happens because many computer consulting business owners fall in​ love the​ technology gadgetry,​ and get seduced by seemingly attractive reseller channel programs,​ at​ the​ expense of​ their business profit.
At the​ end of​ the​ day however,​ your computer consulting company is​ a​ business… not a​ charity and not a​ hobby. And your computer consulting company must be run like a​ business.
Profit Secret #1 Show motivation with your small business computer consulting clients.
To avoid being labeled as​ just another clueless geek,​ you need to​ position your computer consulting services to​ be more in​ line with those of​ a​ virtual CIO for hire. So always be on​ the​ look out for new ways to​ enhance your clients businesses… not just fix broken desktops and servers.
Profit Secret #2 Be dedicated to​ the​ task and relentless in​ your pursuit to​ improve the​ status quo.
Because it​ takes a​ lot of​ work to​ land the​ best computer consulting clients,​ you need to​ focus on​ lifetime customer value… not just oneshotdeal sales. So always remember that your proposed or​ recently implemented computer consulting technology solution isnt a​ oneshot deal. This kind of​ longterm vision and planning requires tremendous staying power and perseverance… which often escapes many computer consulting business owners.
Profit Secret #3 Dont be afraid to​ be creative with your client engagements.
Small business technology solutions often need to​ stay within relatively modest budgets. And your computer consulting solutions must work without the​ need for inhouse it​ staff. to​ satisfy these challenges,​ dont be afraid to​ think outside of​ the​ box when appropriate.
Profit Secret #4 Evaluate how your clients systems,​ both paper and computerbased,​ function today.
As part of​ your virtual CIO role,​ look at​ how these existing clients systems are meeting or​ not meeting present and future needs. Most of​ this work will be done during it​ audits… another key computer consulting profit secret that can really help to​ separate you from the​ pack of​ mediocrity.
Profit Secret #5 Put yourself in​ your clients shoes and think about what THEIR clients need from them.
Yes,​ as​ a​ computer consulting business owner,​ you need to​ have good people skills and a​ certain degree of​ empathy for your clients business problems. But an even more advanced computer consulting business owner doesnt just stop at​ understanding their clients business problems. the​ virtual CIO really digs in​ and learns about their clients customers business problems… one layer down on​ the​ value chain.
Profit Secret #6 Keep up with advances and new versions.
As virtual CIO for your computer consulting clients,​ your clients depend on​ your firm to​ advise them on​ what tools can better help their businesses grow. So while you cant allow this R&D and training to​ consume and devour all of​ your scarce weekly schedule,​ you do need to​ stay a​ few steps ahead of​ your clients it​ needs at​ all times.
Profit Secret #7 Summarize and share that information with your clients.
The essence of​ your R&D and training should focus on​ one major objective will this new platform or​ tool add value to​ your computer consulting clients existing or​ future installations? and how you can best summarize this information,​ in​ layperson language that nontechnical clients can understand?
The Bottom Line
Your computer consulting firms needs to​ be your clients virtual it​ department can often be at​ odds with your computer consulting firms need to​ be profitable. a​ big part of​ this problem happens because computer consulting business owners fall in​ love with technology,​ at​ the​ expense of​ their marketing and sales activities.
To make sure you dont fall into this same strap,​ which can kill your computer consulting profits,​ dont go overboard with your training and R&D activities. Be sure to​ keep business development activities in​ your weekly schedule… EVERY week. if​ you want to​ keep your computer consulting profits as​ healthy as​ possible,​ make sure that youre proactive in​ your marketing and sales activities… dig the​ well for computer consulting profits BEFORE youre thirsty. And a​ great way to​ start is​ by listening to​ the​ profitgenerating secrets at​ http//www. computerconsulting101. com

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