Computer Certification Four Tips For Maximum Performance During The Exam

Computer Certification Four Tips For Maximum Performance During The Exam

Computer Certification: Four Tips For Maximum Performance During the​ Exam
There are plenty of​ articles out there about how to​ prepare for a​ computer certification exam .​
However,​ there are also things you can do to​ increase your chances of​ success on​ exam day during the​ most important part of​ the​ entire process -- the​ time that you're actually taking the​ test.
I've taken many a​ certification exam over the​ years,​ and helped many others prep for theirs .​
Here are the​ five things you must do on​ exam day to​ maximize your efforts.
1 .​
Show up on​ time .​
Yeah,​ I​ know everyone says that .​
the​ testing center wants you there 30 minutes early .​
So why do so many candidates show up late,​ or​ in​ a​ rush? If you have a​ morning exam appointment,​ take the​ traffic into account .​
If it's a​ part of​ town you don't normally drive in​ during rush hour,​ you might be surprised at​ how much traffic you have to​ go through .​
Plan ahead.
2 .​
Use the​ headphones .​
Most candidates in​ the​ room with you understand that they should be quiet .​
Sadly,​ not all of​ them do .​
Smacking gum,​ mumbling to​ themselves (loud enough for you to​ hear,​ though),​ and other little noises can really get on​ your nerves in​ what is​ already a​ pressure situation .​
In one particular testing center I​ use,​ the​ door to​ the​ testing room has one setting: Slam .​

Luckily,​ that center also has a​ headset hanging at​ every testing station .​
Call ahead to​ see if​ yours does .​
Some centers have them but don't leave them at​ the​ testing stations .​
Wearing headphones during the​ exam is​ a​ great way to​ increase your powers of​ concentration .​
They allow you to​ block out all noise and annoyances,​ and do what you came to​ do -- pass the​ exam.
3 .​
Prepare for the​ WHAT?? question .​
No matter how well-prepared you are,​ there's going to​ be one question on​ any exam that just stuns you .​
It might be off-topic,​ in​ your opinion .​
It may be a​ question that would take 20 of​ your remaining 25 minutes to​ answer .​
It might be a​ question that you don't even know how to​ begin answering .​
Whatever the​ reason,​ it's the​ question that has you thinking,​ WHAT?? I​ have talked with candidates who got to​ such a​ question and were obviously so thrown off that they didn't do well on​ any of​ the​ remaining questions,​ either.
There is​ only one thing to​ do in​ this situation: shrug it​ off .​
Compare yourself to​ a​ major-league pitcher .​
If he gives up a​ home run,​ he can't dwell on​ it .​
He's got to​ face another batter .​
Cornerbacks in​ football face the​ same problem .​
If they give up a​ long TD pass,​ they can't spend the​ next 20 minutes thinking about it .​
They have to​ shrug it​ off and be ready for the​ next play.
Don't worry about getting a​ perfect score on​ the​ exam .​
Your concern is​ passing .​
If you get a​ question that seems ridiculous,​ unsolvable,​ or​ out of​ place,​ forget about it .​
It's done .​
Move on​ to​ the​ next question and nail it.
4 .​
Finish with a​ flourish .​
Ten questions from the​ end of​ your exam,​ take a​ 15-to-30 second break .​
You can't walk around the​ testing room,​ but you can stand and stretch .​
By this point in​ the​ exam,​ candidates tend to​ be a​ little mentally tired .​
Maybe you're still thinking about the​ WHAT?? question .​
Don't worry about the​ questions you've already answered -- they're done .​
Take a​ deep breath,​ remember why you're there -- to​ pass this exam -- and sit back down and nail the​ last ten questions to​ the​ wall .​

Before you know it,​ your passing score appears on​ the​ screen!
Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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