Comparison Of Pay Per Click Programs

Comparison Of Pay Per Click Programs

Comparison of​ Pay per Click Programs
Pay per click programs are the​ biggest source of​ income generator source of 
online money .​
We provide you the​ best information about PPC (Pay Par Click) .​
Compare and​ chose the​ best one for​ you.
Google Adsense
If you don't know what Google AdSense is​ then youve been living under a​ rock .​
This is​ pretty much a​ must have if​ you want to​ make money from a​ blog .​
display simple text and​ image ads on your blog that are targeted to​ what youre
writing about .​
Google has been a​ consistent money maker for​ this blog.
TTZ Media Network
This is​ my own ad network .​
Its ideal for​ technology and​ shopping related sites .​
TTZ Media provides product based ads that are trigger by keywords .​
The ads show
products that are based on the​ keywords entered and​ a​ list of​ online stores
where the​ products can be purchased .​
a​ reader clicking on the​ product will be
taken to​ the​ store offering the​ product for​ sale .​
Money is​ generated with a​ CPC
model .​
a​ reader need only click on the​ banner and​ visit the​ advertiser in​ order
for the​ site to​ make money .​
The reader does not have to​ purchase the​ product
from the​ advertiser .​
CPC rates are based on product categories and​ number of​
clicks the​ affiliate can generate .​
Our tech/review site based affiliates realize
eCPM as​ high as​ $12.
Pepperjam Network
Founded by my friend Kris Jones, Pepperjam Network represents an​ evolution
in affiliate marketing .​
The creation of​ Pepperjam Network represents eight years
of research and​ development and​ the​ combined ideas, feedback, and​ intelligence
of hundreds of​ affiliate marketers and​ advertisers .​
Pepperjam Network offers a​
quick and​ easy way to​ get started in​ affiliate marketing with the​ pepperjamADS.
Kontera ContentLink
Kontera ContentLink allows you to​ make money from advertising without giving up
any current advertising spots .​
Their technology reads your post and​ turns
certain words into an​ ad .​
The highlighted words are double underline and​ an​ ad
pops up when you hover over it .​
Normally Kontera requires a​ site have a​ minimum
500,000 page views per month before being accepted into the​ program .​
However, I​
have a​ partnership with Kontera that will allow smaller blogs to​ use their
ContentLink service.
Text Link Ads
Text Link Ads is​ one of​ my favorite ad networks .​
They help me make money online
by selling those text links you see under Featured Sites .​
The links offer
advertisers traffic and​ search engine benefits and​ readers don't seem to​ mind
them at​ all because they are not intrusive .​
Your link price is​ set by Text Link
Ads and​ is​ based on Alexa, Google PageRank, number of​ RSS subscribers, and​ other
Bidvertiser, a​ CPC ad network that competes with Google AdSense .​
It main
advantage over AdSense is​ its low $10 payout .​
You only need to​ make $10 in​ order
to be paid .​
Big publishers wouldnt care about this but for​ many small blogs
that are still waiting to​ hit that magic $100 Google payout level, getting pay
at a​ lower level is​ quite attractive.
AzoogleAds is​ one of​ the​ largest performance-based online advertising networks
in the​ world .​
They offers some of​ the​ best and​ highest paying affiliate deals in​
the industry .​
No matter what topic your blog covers, you can find a​ deal that
matches your site .​
The payout range from $1 to​ over $100 per action .​
marketing is​ one of​ this blogs biggest moneymaker and​ AzoogleAds is​ the​
affiliate network that offers us the​ best payouts.
AuctionAds is​ one big eBay affiliate .​
What AuctionAds does is​ put all their
publishers into one big collective to​ go after the​ higher revenue share .​
Publishers can leverage AuctionAds creative delivery of​ eBays auctions and​
AuctionAds ability to​ achieve the​ higher performance incentive tiers with the​
aggregate volume of​ traffic to​ make more money than they could with their own
eBay affiliate relationship .​
Right now, affiliates will get 100% of​ any money
they make from the​ system .​
As the​ collective moves up the​ eBay revenue share
tiers, AuctionAds will start to​ take a​ cut of​ revenues .​
The goal is​ for​ you to​
make more with AuctionAds than directly with eBays affiliate program, which
will be the​ case as​ the​ network increases its volume.
ReviewMe is​ this biggest money maker, accounting for​ $2,400 of​ the​
$8,545.25 March income .​
ReviewMe allows advertisers to​ buy sponsored reviews on
your blog .​
Review prices are based on your blogs Alexa, Technorati and​
estimated RSS numbers .​
Publishers can set their own pricing if​ they don't like
the price ReviewMe set .​
Reviews can be positive or​ negative .​
The only
requirement is​ the​ post must be at​ least 200 words long.
DealDotCom offers a​ two-tier affiliate program .​
When you refer others to​
DealDotCom and​ they get a​ free account, they are marked in​ the​ system as​ having
been referred by you .​
Anything that they buy will nets you a​ 35% commission .​
Unlike other affiliate programs that place a​ time limit your your commission
(like AuctionAds 5% for​ 6 months), the​ DealDotCom commission is​ forever .​
right, forever .​
It doesnt matter if​ they buy something tomorrow, next week, or​
fifty years from now - you are going to​ get paid .​
what's more, anyone that they
refer to​ DealDotCom goes on your second tier .​
Anything people on your second
tier buy nets you a​ 15% commission, forever.

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