Compare Cruise Insurance You Often Get What You Pay For

Compare Cruise Insurance You Often Get What You Pay For

When planning a​ travel vacation or​ cruise vacation,​ the​ last thing that one wants to​ think about is​ trouble or​ cancellation. Thus travel and cruise insurance is​ often left on​ the​ back burner. However,​ when the​ time comes to​ purchase your vacation insurance,​ be sure that you​ compare cruise insurance and travel insurance policies to​ ensure that you​ are getting what you​ expect. as​ always,​ it’s “buyer beware”!

That’s not to​ say that all insurance policies and companies are out to​ deceive you​ or​ hide the​ terms of​ insurance pay-outs. in​ fact,​ most are very reputable. the​ problem comes when trying to​ economize while buying insurance. you​ really do “get what you​ pay for” in​ most cases – especially when you​ compare insurance policies.

There are often so many variables when purchasing cruise insurance or​ travel insurance that we can become somewhat complacent with what we are purchasing. Again,​ “Buyer Beware!” Make sure you​ know what’s available and what’s included in​ your insurance policy package. as​ an​ example,​ insurance companies like Travel Guard International,​ America’s largest provider of​ travel insurance offers a​ wide range of​ benefits with their Comprehensive Coverage. Included in​ Travel Guard’s packages are the​ following benefits:

· Trip Cancellation – Providing reimbursement of​ 100% of​ trip cost if​ the​ trip is​ cancelled under the​ terms of​ the​ insurance policy.
· Trip interruption – Providing reimbursement of​ trip cost if​ the​ trip is​ interrupted as​ covered by the​ insurance policy such as​ evacuation due to​ hurricane.
· Trip Delay – Providing reimbursement for additional accommodations or​ travel expenses if​ the​ traveler is​ delayed for more than several hours.
· Lost,​ Stolen or​ Damaged Baggage and travel documents – Providing reimbursements if​ luggage is​ lost,​ damaged or​ stolen while the​ insured is​ traveling,​ or​ if​ travel documents are lost or​ stolen.
· Baggage Delay – Providing reimbursement for the​ purchase of​ essential items if​ your bags are delayed more than 24 hours.
· Medical Expenses – Providing reimbursement for necessary medical expenses up to​ one year after the​ illness or​ injury providing the​ insured traveler sought medical treatment while on​ the​ trip.
· Emergency Medical Transportation – Covering the​ cost of​ evacuation and transportation to​ the​ nearest adequate medical facility.
· Travel Guard Assistance – a​ 24 hour hotline for emergency assistance,​ medical referrals,​ prescription replacement assistance,​ replacing travel documents and more.
· Livetravel – Travel Guard’s round the​ clock travel agent service for emergency or​ last minute travel changes such as​ rebooking flights,​ arranging hotels and ground transportation and tracking lost luggage.
· Concierge – 24 hour worldwide access to​ restaurant referrals/reservations,​ event tickets,​ tee times,​ floral services,​ ground transportation and more.

As well,​ in​ many cases,​ travelers purchasing Travel Guard insurance within 15 days of​ making their initial trip payment also receive at​ no additional cost:
· Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver – protection if​ pre-existing medical conditions force cancellation or​ interruption of​ a​ cruise or​ trip.
· Default Protection – providing reimbursement of​ trip cost if​ the​ tour operator,​ cruise line,​ airline or​ other travel supplier declares bankruptcy more than seven days after the​ effective date of​ the​ policy.
· Change Your Mind – protection against cancellation fees when a​ trip is​ cancelled for any reason.

Please keep in​ mind that these benefits are subject to​ change,​ but at​ the​ time of​ this printing,​ are available. the​ above describes a​ comprehensive cruise or​ travel insurance policy. However,​ as​ they say,​ one size dose not fit all. you​ need to​ match your coverage requirements and budget restraints. Again,​ dealing with Travel Guard International,​ some of​ their popular products include:

· Cruise,​ Tour and Travel – Travel Guard’s most comprehensive travel insurance plan.
· ProtectAssist – Solid travel insurance for the​ budget-conscious traveler – and Travel Guard’s most popular plan.
· Cruise Guard – Travel insurance designed to​ surpass the​ protection plans offered by the​ cruise line.
· Air Ticket Protection – Protects air ticket investment against change fees,​ adds other assistance services.
· Student Travel Guard – a​ portfolio of​ student travel insurance plans protecting students on​ virtually all types from Spring Break to​ Semester Abroad.

We have identified,​ through the​ use of​ Travel Guard International’s plans and policies a​ vast number of​ cruise insurance options. We have stated before,​ but at​ the​ risk of​ being too repetitive,​ I think that it​ is​ important to​ re-iterate. “You get what you​ pay for. Buyer beware!”

If you​ would like more information regarding
Travel Guard International or​ would like to​ get a​ quotation for cruise or​ travel insurance,​ check out our article “Travel Guard International Cruise Insurance”. For more informative articles,​ check out our Article Map. if​ you​ are looking to​ choose or​ book a​ cruise,​ our main Discount Cruises pages have plenty of​ merchant links with great cruise pricing.

You’ve researched for your special cruise. You’ve found a​ fantastic cruise deal on-line. You’ve booked that cruise on-line. You’ve protected your cruise vacation investment by booking your insurance on-line. Now all that’s left to​ do is​ to​ get excited!

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