Combined Motor Trade Insurance Why It Works And How It Can Save You

Combined Motor Trade Insurance Why It Works And How It Can Save You Money

If you​ work in​ the​ Motor Trade,​ you​ more than most will know that customers nowadays are demanding more,​ for less. And if​ you're a​ Motor Trade who also demands this from your suppliers and service providers,​ here are some ways you​ can get it​ from your Insurance Broker.

Depending on​ which part on​ the​ Motor Trade you​ work in​ you​ will no doubt have your own individual needs,​ concerns and worries.

For car manufacturers these could be falling sales,​ competition from abroad or​ Government policy changes over CO2 emmissions.

If you​ are an​ MOT Station you​ may still be coming to​ terms to​ computerisation.

And for body repairers,​ bodyshops and garage servicing units your focus maybe on​ gaining accreditation to​ the​ BSI Kitemark scheme or​ making sure your staff are trained to​ a​ certain standard.

The bottom line is​ you​ are a​ Motor Trader you​ have numerous issues to​ deal with on​ a​ daily basis before you​ even start to​ think about your customers and suppliers.

And yet despite this apparant need for people in​ the​ Motor Industry to​ make their lives easier it​ is​ suprising to​ see many traders still choosing to​ have their Motor Trade Insurance policies with many different insurance brokers and companies rather than under a​ single Motor Trade Combined Insurance policy.

The result of​ this is​ that many Motor Traders pay too much for their insurance and they spend time (that they simply cannot afford to​ waste) on​ looking after them.

Here a​ just a​ couple of​ reasons why Motor Traders should seriously consider a​ Combined Motor Trade Insurance policy when their insurance is​ next due for renewal:

1. All your risks together. By opting for a​ Combined policy your vehicles,​ your staff,​ your premises and your profits can all be protected under one policy. No longer do you​ need your buildings insured with one Broker,​ your Business Interruption and Liabilities with another and your Road Risks with yet another. Just all your risks under a​ Combined Motor Trade Insurance policy.

2. Time Savings. Gone are the​ days of​ many different types of​ cover with different renewal dates and provided by different companies. Just your Combined Insurance policy with a​ single renewal date. if​ you​ need to​ make a​ change you​ just need to​ ring one broker rather than hunt around your paperwork to​ find out who it​ is​ insured with. And if​ you​ chose the​ right broker they should ring around all the​ main Motor Trade Insurance companies to​ find you​ the​ best deal.

3. Money Savings. By putting all your risks under a​ Combined Motor Trade Insurance policy you​ can very often benefit from savings on​ your premiums as​ many providers offer discounts. at​ a​ time when getting value for money from your service providers then making savings by getting a​ policy that is​ easier to​ administer could be just what you​ need.

Combined Motor Trade Insurance can save you​ time and save you​ money and that is​ why it​ works.

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