Colorectal Cancer Trial Now Under Way

Colorectal Cancer Trial Now Under Way

This year, more than 145,000 new cases of​ colorectal cancer will be diagnosed in​ the​ United States. Colorectal cancer, which is​ the​ third most commonly diagnosed cancer in​ the​ country, is​ a​ disease in​ which malignant cells form in​ the​ colon or​ rectum. Unfortunately, colorectal cancer incidence and​ mortality rates have only moderately decreased or​ remained level over the​ past decade, and​ according to​ the​ American Cancer Society, more than 56,000 will succumb to​ the​ disease this year.

Important research is​ under way with the​ goal of​ improving treatment options for​ patients with colorectal cancer. There is​ a​ clinical trial being conducted around the​ country to​ investigate a​ potential new colorectal cancer treatment. the​ study, known as​ PACCE (Panitumumab Advanced Colorectal Cancer Evaluation), is​ a​ Phase 3 clinical trial designed to​ evaluate the​ effects of​ using two targeted cancer therapies in​ combination with chemotherapy for​ patients with colorectal cancer that has spread.

Across the​ country, institutions are currently enrolling patients in​ the​ PACCE trial, and​ there may be a​ trial site in​ your area. the​ treatments used in​ the​ study are chemotherapy, which kills cancer cells; a​ medication called bevacizumab, approved to​ stop the​ growth of​ blood vessels to​ the​ tumor; and​ panitumumab, an​ experimental treatment that is​ being investigated to​ see if​ it​ will help stop the​ tumor from growing. Patients who participate in​ the​ trial are treated either with chemotherapy and​ bevacizumab, or​ with panitumumab in​ addition to​ chemotherapy and​ bevacizumab.

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