Colon Cancer Causes Revealed

Colon Cancer Causes Revealed

Colon cancer is​ a​ major illness and​ one that can cause life altering effects. in​ fact, this form of​ cancer is​ one of​ the​ most common in​ the​ nation. Most colon cancer patients suffer from polyps, which are abnormal cells that form clusters. When normal cells begin to​ transform, a​ potential problem arises. as​ time progresses, these growths get bigger and​ can lead to​ the​ development of​ cancer. a​ vast majority of​ sufferers have a​ family history with the​ disease. in​ addition, the​ risk of​ developing colon cancer increases with age and​ is​ most common in​ those ages 50 and​ up. Certain individuals simply carry the​ genetic makeup, which can be identified through a​ series of​ tests, that may lead to​ colon cancer.

While there are no certain ways to​ pinpoint exactly who develops cancer, or​ why, there are several risk factors that may increase an​ individual’s chance of​ developing the​ illness. Among them, a​ previous battle with cancer, a​ family history with colon cancer, poor diets, smoking and​ obesity. With so many risk factors, one may wonder if​ there is​ anything that they can do in​ order to​ prevent colon cancer. Studies show that a​ lot of​ physical activity or​ exercise and​ a​ low-fat, high-fiber diet may help to​ reduce the​ risks. in​ addition, certain medicines may also help to​ prevent the​ disease.

As is​ the​ case with many ailments, symptoms are often very similar to​ those of​ other diseases. it​ can be extremely difficult to​ get an​ accurate assessment of​ what’s wrong when so many illnesses carry the​ same symptoms. for​ this reason, it’s important to​ seek medical attention if​ an​ individual experiences abnormal bleeding, weakness, pale complexion or​ abdominal expansion without weight gain, nausea, any change in​ bowel movements or​ weight loss. Each person is​ different and, as​ such, symptoms may vary slightly. Because symptoms may either present themselves as​ severe or​ barely noticeable, it​ is​ recommended that patients be screened regularly for​ the​ presence of​ cancer causing factors.

If left untreated, any type of​ cancerous cells have the​ ability to​ grow and​ spread throughout the​ rest of​ the​ body. This can lead to​ the​ need for​ further surgery, more intense treatments or, in​ the​ worst case, a​ cancer may become so advanced that it​ will not respond to​ treatment. When seeking medical attention, it’s important to​ understand that there are a​ series of​ tests that can detect and​ diagnose colon cancer. a​ physician will be able to​ answer any questions that a​ patient may have regarding treatment options and​ the​ likelihood of​ their success.

This article should not be construed as​ professional medical advice. if​ you, or​ someone that you know, is​ concerned about the​ possibility of​ cancer, you should seek medical attention immediately. a​ medical doctor can discuss various options, prevention and​ treatment possibilities should the​ presence of​ cancer be detected. a​ series of​ tests may be conducted in​ order to​ confirm, or​ rule out, any such diagnosis and​ can only be done by a​ medical doctor.

Colon Cancer Causes Revealed

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