Colon Cancer And Colon Cancer Prevention

Colon Cancer And Colon Cancer Prevention

The colon is​ one of​ the​ most important organs in​ the​ body. It’s intended purpose is​ to​ return water and​ nutrients into our bodies and​ help us eliminate waste. American diets are low in​ fiber and​ digestive enzymes. This causes the​ body produce digestive enzymes at​ the​ expense of​ immune system enzymes.

The low level of​ fiber prevents the​ colon from cleaning itself and​ causes a​ buildup of​ toxic matter in​ the​ colon. the​ buildup of​ toxic matter in​ the​ colon can lead to​ many health problems, the​ most serious of​ which is​ colon cancer. the​ weakened immune system is​ unable to​ fight the​ disease.

Colon cleansing helps the​ body rid itself of​ toxic matter. This in​ turn allows the​ colon to​ aid in​ the​ digestive process and​ allows the​ production of​ immune system enzymes to​ return to​ normal.

There are several ways to​ cleanse your colon. One is​ hydrotherapy, where a​ small disposable plastic hose is​ used to​ irrigate the​ colon. a​ licensed professional must perform this procedure. Similarly, enemas are often thought to​ cleanse the​ colon, but they have been shown to​ only clean the​ bottom portion and​ rectum.

Herbal supplements are often used in​ colon cleansing as​ well. a​ plant product called psyllium is​ most usually the​ base of​ these treatments. the​ psyllium’s fiber expands when it​ comes in​ contact with water, and​ the​ bulky material causes the​ bowel to​ contract and​ expel waste.

There are also oxygen based cleaners that turn the​ waste into liquid or​ gas and​ help it​ to​ be expelled.

Another way is​ to​ do juice fasting. Juice fasting gives the​ entire digestive system a​ much needed rest and​ for​ optimal functioning to​ take place once again after the​ break.

In a​ nutshell, colon cancer can be preventable. if​ you find yourself having meals that are low in​ fiber, try doing a​ colon cleanse. a​ clean colon will mean a​ healthy colon and​ a​ better immune system for​ your body.

Colon Cancer And Colon Cancer Prevention

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