Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part Iii

Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part Iii

Coppin State University

Coppin State University is​ a​ 52-acre campus in​ West Baltimore, very much an​ urban campus, however, its lovely shaded walks and fountains give it​ the atmosphere of​ a​ serene residential college. Most of​ the buildings are new, modern and comfortable.

Coppin students get on-the-job training with national and local companies and agencies through cooperative education and internship programs. Coppin State University offers 23 undergraduate majors and ten graduate degree programs.

Coppin State University is​ part of​ the University System of​ Maryland and has the unique mission of​ primarily focusing on the problems, needs, and aspirations of​ the people of​ a​ large city and its immediate metropolitan area.

Out of​ state tuition is​ $11,235
In-State tuition is: $4.714
Room and Board: $5,800

Groucher College

Groucher College is​ an​ independent co-educational institution dedicated to​ the interdisciplinary traditions of​ the liberal arts and an​ international perspective on education.

Groucher College is​ the first college in​ the nation to​ pair required study abroad with a​ special travel stipend for every undergraduate. in​ addition to​ studying abroad, many students complete internships and service-learning projects that further enhance their learning.

The college sits on a​ beautiful 287-acre wooded campus just north of​ Baltimore, Maryland. The curriculum at​ Groucher College emphasizes international and intercultural awareness throughout. Students are also encouraged to​ explore their academic interests from a​ variety of​ perspectives beyond their major disciplines.

Tuition is​ $28,900 with room and board at​ $8,925.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University opened its doors as​ America’s first research university in​ 1876. it​ has a​ history of​ ideas having many brilliant thinkers drawn to​ its doors. From these brilliant minds have come ideas that have changed the methods of​ business, the sounds of​ music, the practice of​ medicine, the world of​ literature, the process of​ engineering, and the direction of​ science. Students come to​ Johns Hopkins to​ continue this rich tradition of​ engaging in​ active thinking.

At Johns Hopkins University they are not passive learners, but are involved participants in​ a​ process of​ investigation that challenges them to​ set their goals high and gives them the knowledge to​ reach those goals.

Tuition at​ Johns Hopkins University in​ Baltimore, Maryland is​ a​ whopping $31,620 per year with an​ average of​ $9,924 for room and board.

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