Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part Iv

Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part Iv

Loyola College

Loyola College at​ 4501 North Charles Street in​ Baltimore, Maryland was established in​ 1852. it​ is​ a​ Jesuit Catholic comprehensive university offering undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs.

The undergraduate program features 34 disciplines and four pre-professional programs in​ addition to​ a​ diverse selection of​ electives. About one-half of​ the junior class studies abroad each year through exchange programs in​ Melbourne, Australia, Leuven, Belgium, Beijing, China, NewCastle, England, Cork, Ireland, Rome, Italy, Auckland, New Zealand, Alcala, Spain, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Loyola College is​ a​ leading provider of​ professionally focused graduate education and offers more than 40 advanced degree and certificate programs in​ the disciplines of:

• Accounting
• Business administration
• Computer science
• Education
• Finance
• Liberal studies
• Pastoral counseling
• Psychology
• Speech-language pathology

Tuition is​ $29,500 per year with room and board at​ $8,560.

Maryland Institute College of​ Art

Maryland Institute College of​ Art at​ 1300 Mount Royal Avenue in​ Baltimore, Maryland
is ranked among the nation’s top colleges of​ art and design. MICA offers a​ studio curriculum balanced by challenging course work in​ the liberal arts. Sixteen undergraduate majors that lead to​ the bachelor of​ fine arts degree include:

• Art history
• Fine arts
• Interdisciplinary fine arts
• Video
• Photography
• Graphic design
• Environmental design
• Illustration
• Animation

Maryland Institute College of​ Art also offers Master of​ Arts degrees in:

• Teaching
• Art education
• Community arts and digital arts
• Master of​ fine arts degrees in​ fine art
• Graphic design

MICA offers a​ post baccalaureate certificate in​ fine art and study abroad opportunities are available in​ 12 countries.

The residential campus is​ located in​ the heart of​ Baltimore’s cultural district, and hosts a​ range of​ exhibitions, artist talks, performances and films.

Students have the opportunity to​ develop professional skills through first-hand experience in​ the college’s nationally recognized community-based arts program, internships around the world, and a​ variety of​ programs for campus leadership and involvement.

Tuition is​ $26,140 per year with room and board at​ $7,530.

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