Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part Ii

Baltimore International College (BIC)

Baltimore’s leading institution for culinary arts and hospitality management degrees is​ Baltimore International College (BIC). Baltimore International College was founded in​ 1972. it​ is​ a​ regionally accredited, independent college offering specialized baccalaureate and associate degrees and certificates through its School of​ Culinary Arts and School of​ Hospitality Business and Management.

College programs are taught by industry-experienced chefs and professors from around the world. They incorporate a​ blend of​ theory and academics with hands-on experience. Students participate in​ internships at​ college-operated establishments or​ externships at​ approved locations.

The College’s Baltimore, Maryland campus is​ located just two blocks from the famous Inner Harbor and within easy walking distance of​ many of​ the city’s major attractions.

Students who excel in​ their classes may be eligible for the College’s honors program, which is​ five weeks in​ length and taught at​ the College’s Ireland Campus. The culinary students work in​ the hotel’s award-winning kitchen, while hospitality management students learn the day-to-day operations of​ the hotel.

College of​ Notre Dame of​ Maryland

College of​ Notre Dame of​ Maryland was the first Catholic women’s college in​ the country to​ award the four-year baccalaureate degree. Maryland has a​ long and proven history of​ educating women for leadership.

College of​ Notre Dame of​ Maryland was founded in​ 1873 and is​ located on a​ beautiful 58-acre wooded campus 15 minutes north of​ downtown Baltimore. There are 26 majors, numerous study abroad programs, financial aid and scholarships, and internship opportunities.

The College of​ Notre Dame of​ Maryland offers women:

•Personal attention
•Heightened self-confidence and encouragement to​ assume leadership positions on and off campus

Other benefits offered include:

•Service learning as​ part of​ the coursework in​ many departments
•More than 30 clubs and organizations that foster leadership and teamwork
•Attention to​ diversity as​ illustrated in​ its international student population in​ the English Language Institute
•Services for learning-disabled students
•An honors program
•Advanced placement credit
•Double majors
•Independent study
•Off-campus study
•Part-time degree programs
•Undergraduate and graduate programs for professional women and men

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