Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part V

Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part V

Morgan State University

Morgan State University at​ 1700 East Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Maryland sits on a​ spacious 140-acre campus nestled among rolling hills of​ Northeast Baltimore.

Morgan State University has earned a​ national reputation as​ a​ progressive institution for higher learning and is​ the leading producer of​ African-American degree recipients in​ Maryland. Morgan State University is​ ranked fourth nationally in​ the number of​ engineering degrees awarded to​ African Americans and fifth in​ awards in​ Computer and Information Sciences.

Morgan has thirty-eight academic programs that lead to​ a​ bachelor’s degree.

In-state tuition is​ $6,204 and out-of-state is​ $13,964 with room and board of​ $3,665.

Peabody Institute

Peabody Institute is​ located at​ One East Mount Vernon Place in​ Baltimore, Maryland. Tuition is​ $28,215 per year with room and board at​ $9,225.

Peabody Institute has had some of​ history’s most revered talent walk through its door. it​ is​ located in​ the historic and cultural heart of​ Baltimore and is​ one of​ the nation’s major sources of​ professionally trained musicians. Peabody Institute is​ affiliated with one of​ the nation’s leading universities, the Johns Hopkins University. Yearly, Peabody stages more than 800 musical and dance performances in​ Baltimore and other U.S. cities.

University of​ Baltimore

The University of​ Baltimore is​ located at​ 1420 N. Charles Street in​ Baltimore, Maryland. it​ is​ an​ upper-division and graduate university located in​ the cultural district of​ Baltimore. The campus is​ made up of​ new and historic buildings. it​ also offers classes in​ several off-campus sites.

The School of​ Business and the School of​ Law delivers comprehensive programs. More than 50 percent of​ the students are part-time and most hold down jobs in​ addition to​ their studies.

Tuition is​ $2,662 for in-state students and $8,452 for out-of-state students. Room and board does not apply.

University of​ Maryland, Baltimore Campus

The University of​ Maryland, Baltimore Campus was established in​ 1807. it​ is​ the founding institution of​ the University System of​ Maryland and one of​ three major research universities in​ Maryland. The University of​ Maryland, Baltimore Campus is​ home to​ a​ graduate school and six professional schools, which are:

•Social work

The majority of​ Maryland’s physicians, nurses, dentists, lawyers, pharmacists, and social workers are trained at​ the 60-acre campus on Baltimore’s west side.

The University of​ Maryland, Baltimore Campus, offers undergraduate degrees in:

•Dental hygiene
•Medical and research technology

The campus is​ a​ mix of​ historic buildings and high-tech labs and is​ easily accessible by public transportation. Attractions close to​ UMB include:

•The Inner Harbor
•The Maryland Science Center
•The National Aquarium in​ Baltimore
•Oriole Park at​ Camden Yards
•M&T Bank Stadium (home of​ the NFL Ravens)
•The Baltimore Museum of​ Art
•1st Mariner Arena

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