Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part I

Colleges And Universities In Baltimore Maryland Part I

Trying to​ decide where to​ go to​ college is​ one of​ the most challenging decisions you and/or your parents will face.

The State of​ Maryland is​ home to​ many exciting, historic and state-of-the-art colleges and universities. There are more than 350,000 full time students working toward degrees in​ Maryland.

Maryland is​ the home of​ nationally acclaimed medical facilities, leading literary institutions, world-class arts and music schools, and technology-driven campuses. The schools in​ Maryland represent the very best in​ education. Maryland has so much more to​ offer than just great institutions of​ higher learning. When you visit the colleges and universities in​ Maryland, take some extra time to​ check out the rich history, majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and beaches, outstanding national and state parks, major league sports, cultural attractions and so much more Maryland has to​ offer.

The college years in​ Maryland are more than classes, clubs and sports within the confines of​ the individual campuses. You will take home many pleasant memories of​ the state of​ Maryland from your college years.

As you visit schools in​ Maryland, visit Maryland.

The Baltimore Hebrew University is​ the premier academic institution of​ higher learning in​ Maryland. it​ is​ a​ university devoted solely to​ all aspects of​ Judaic and Hebraic studies.

Mission of​ the Baltimore Hebrew University:

• to​ provide students with the broadest understanding of​ the civilization of​ the Jewish people through programs leading to​ the Master of​ Arts in​ Jewish Studies (MAJS), and Doctor of​ Philosophy (PhD) in​ Jewish Studies;
• The Master of​ Arts in​ Jewish Education (MAJE
• The Master of​ Arts in​ Jewish Communal Service (MAJCS)

These degree programs train professionals in​ all fields of​ Jewish communal service and offer courses for students choosing study for its own sake.

Baltimore Hebrew University is​ accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Full and part time students are welcome at​ the Baltimore Hebrew University.

If you want to​ earn certification from the National Board of​ License for Jewish schools and certification through the Maryland State Department of​ Education, Baltimore Hebrew University has a​ partnership with Goucher College to​ help you. The partnership with Goucher allows students to​ earn a​ MAJE from Baltimore Hebrew University and a​ Maaster of​ Arts in​ Teaching (MAT) from Goucher. The Maryland teacher’s certificate is​ reciprocally recognized by 38 other states.

Baltimore Hebrew University offers students the option of​ internal double degree programs in​ Jewish Education and Jewish Studies (MAJE/MAJS) and in​ Jewish Education and Jewish Communal Service (MAJE/MAJCS).

Students interested in​ the Master of​ Arts in​ Jewish Communal Service have the opportunity to​ pursue double master’s degrees combining and MAJCS from BHU together with a​ Master of​ Social Work (MSW) from the University of​ Maryland School of​ Social Work, a​ Master of​ Arts in​ Public Policy (MPP) from the University of​ Maryland Baltimore County or​ (MPP) from Johns Hopkins University, or​ a​ Master of​ Science in​ Pastoral Counseling with Loyola College.

The Baltimore Hebrew University is​ one example of​ the excellence in​ academic higher learning in​ Maryland.

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