College Spring Break

If there is​ ever a​ time for excess, it​ is​ college spring break .​
If I​ showed you my college spring break pictures, you would not believe your eyes .​
We spent so much time partying there that we all did things that we probably would rather not think about .​
Nonetheless, spring break college was a​ good time, and next year we will do it​ even better.
There are many different destinations for college spring break, and all of​ them have their advantages .​
Some people like to​ take college spring breaks in​ local hotspots .​
They will go down to​ the nearest big city, rent a​ hotel room with a​ few friends, and live it​ up for the duration .​
In my opinion, although it​ is​ nice to​ be able to​ check out the local scene at​ your leisure, it​ is​ even better to​ go somewhere far away and get away from the stresses of​ studying .​
International college spring break trips are the real classic way of​ doing it .​
I​ think next year we are going to​ go to​ college spring break in​ Cancun .​
Cancun is​ one of​ the biggest spring break college destinations in​ the whole entire world .​
Men and women from all over the country, and even Canada, go down there to​ live it​ up.
Of course, there are many other college spring break locations .​
I​ have a​ friend who wanted to​ get away for spring break for college, but was not a​ party sort of​ guy .​
He had been involved in​ a​ steady relationship for about two years, and is​ already pretty settled .​
He likes to​ have a​ drink or​ two now and then and to​ go dancing, but he really didn't feel the need to​ indulge in​ the college spring breaks scene .​
That is​ why he took his college spring break in​ Europe .​
He actually was able to​ arrange to​ get a​ few extra weeks off so that he could travel for a​ solid month and a​ half! He finished all of​ his coursework early, packed up his bags, and with his girlfriend, went off to​ walk across Ireland .​
He said it​ was one of​ the best college spring breaks you had ever had – if​ not the best .​
a​ few years before, of​ course, he had partied with us and had a​ good time, but I​ think this was more his speed .​
Instead of​ letting himself fall into the college spring break trap of​ doing what everyone else was doing, he decided to​ do it​ his own way.

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