College Ranking Tips For Finding The Best Schools

College Ranking Tips For Finding The Best Schools

The official university ranking list that is​ published every year lists the top colleges in​ the country, however these lists don't go over many important issues to​ a​ student. Luckily there are several college ranking guides that are published by actual college students. The most accurate form of​ ranking colleges places a​ high importance on student happiness. College students grade their university based on a​ number of​ different factors, not just academic qualifications. This type of​ college ranking process reflects the opinions of​ current students and recent graduates and is​ not influenced by the institutions. if​ you search the internet you will find sites where students have given a​ college ranking based on criteria such as:

* Parking
* Safety and Security
* Academics
* Athletics
* Campus Dining
* Campus Housing
* Transportation
* Weather
* Campus Strictness
* Computers
* Diversity
* Drug Scene
* Off-Campus Dining
* Off-Campus Housing
* Facilities
* Girls
* Greek Life
* Guys
* Local Atmosphere
* Nightlife

These different aspects of​ college life all have varying levels of​ importance for a​ prospective student and the college ranking for one area may not be of​ interest but having them broken down into the individual categories allows a​ student to​ investigate the college ranking that is​ of​ interest to​ them and not just an​ overall ranking.

For example, a​ student without a​ car will not be interested in​ the college ranking for available parking facilities but would be keen to​ find out about the transportation available in​ the college area. an​ art student may not be concerned that their first-choice college does not have high speed internet access in​ the dorm rooms but a​ computer major would class this as​ essential.
Female students are more likely to​ be concerned about a​ college ranking for security on campus and be especially interested in​ the levels of​ campus police but may not be bothered if​ the school has a​ low college ranking for the football coaching.

Apart from visiting some of​ the college ranking websites and reading surveys conducted amongst students it​ is​ also useful to​ attend the colleges that you are considering before making a​ decision. This will enable you to​ confirm, or​ refute the claims made by the college ranking yourself and also offer you the chance to​ see if​ the college actually feels right for you before you accept a​ place.

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