College Loan Sholarship

College Loan Sholarship

Which is​ Which? Student loans or​ Scholarship
The issue about the​ rising cost of​ education is​ not new for everyone,​ be it​ for rich people or​ for the​ those just barely earning a​ living .​
However,​ this is​ not of​ so much of​ a​ threat for those who want to​ enter college but are not capable to​ meet its expenses .​
This is​ because of​ the​ two choices made available for them,​ first is​ the​ scholarship programs .​
And the​ second is​ the​ student loans .​
They may apply to​ either of​ the​ two.
Basically,​ the​ scholarship gives off monetary award which do not require the​ beneficiary to​ repay it .​
Unlike the​ student loan,​ the​ money that was lent to​ the​ students will be paid after some time with the​ corresponding amount plus interests .​
Hence,​ it​ seems to​ be apparent that taking a​ scholarship program is​ more convenient than the​ student loan .​
Yet,​ you​ should know that both still consists of​ its advantages and disadvantages.
In scholarship,​ the​ students need not worry about finances throughout his college years .​
Almost thousands of​ scholarships are made available yearly .​
The systems of​ the​ programs depend on​ the​ financial needs of​ a​ certain student .​
Although,​ it​ doesn’t necessarily mean that you​ are not intelligent because you​ were not be able to​ acquire a​ scholarship .​
There are various types of​ scholarship,​ one is​ for the​ intellectuals who acquire and maintain high grades .​
The other is​ the​ specific scholarships designed for the​ ones who excel in​ definite fields,​ for instance,​ in​ the​ field of​ sports,​ math,​ science,​ music,​ stage performers and others .​
Those who belong in​ average I.Q .​
may still win a​ scholarship .​
They may not possess the​ remarkable level of​ intelligence to​ win a​ scholarship,​ but their talents may secure them one.
Moreover,​ there are also scholarships designed for certain races,​ minorities,​ and other sectors of​ the​ society that needs monetary support .​
And scholarship is​ not just confined to​ college students,​ the​ students who would want to​ pursue further study may also benefit .​

There are also several institutions that offer scholarship programs to​ their members,​ examples of​ this are the​ religious organization and union groups,​ etc .​
Now,​ if​ you​ think you​ won’t be legible for any scholarship,​ there is​ still one option — student loans .​
Student loans,​ as​ mentioned above is​ the​ financial aid given to​ the​ students to​ pay their tuition with the​ agreement to​ repay it​ with the​ corresponding interests in​ a​ given period.
Scholarships do not require for repayment,​ but student loans do.
The advantage of​ a​ student loan is​ that it​ will give you​ freedom to​ move as​ a​ regular student,​ without the​ pressure of​ maintaining high grades and you​ can do your other activities without thinking of​ the​ conflict in​ the​ training schedules .​
The hassle is​ when you​ would consider it,​ student loans need to​ be repaid the​ moment you​ graduate; you​ have to​ pay to​ the​ very last cent plus the​ interests .​
If you​ are the​ bread winner of​ your family,​ paying for it​ will be another burden though you​ already have secured a​ job.
Anyhow,​ it​ will depend on​ you,​ the​ important thing is​ you​ finish your college education and secure a​ diploma,​ be it​ from a​ scholarship or​ through student loans .​
The achievement of​ earning your college education amidst the​ hindrance of​ money is​ the​ thing you​ will always be proud of .​

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