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The state of​ California has an​ excellent educational system, including respected universities and both public and privately run colleges .​
Deciding to​ go to​ college in​ California brings many opportunities for academic growth, cultural pursuits and sporting achievement .​
The institutions range from the large to​ the small and the conventional to​ the less orthodox .​
There are specialist establishments for every branch of​ education and vocational training in​ the midst of​ the Californian sunshine and lifestyle.
For those seeking a​ career in​ catering, in​ hotels or​ restaurants, the California Culinary Academy in​ San Francisco is​ an​ ideal training ground, offering practical and management courses .​
Expert chefs and managers teach all aspects of​ the culinary arts in​ state of​ the art facilities .​
Kitchens are fully equipped and include an​ Asian cooking kitchen with wok stations .​
Students have gained their qualifications here since 1977 after a​ comprehensive training .​
This includes baking and pastry making, butchering, the art of​ making chocolate and hospitality and restaurant management courses .​
a​ restaurant, staffed by students is​ open to​ members of​ the public .​

One of​ the more unusual educational institutions is​ to​ be found in​ the High Desert of​ Deep Springs .​
Deep Springs College is​ an​ all men's liberal arts college in​ California, operating since 1917 .​
Students attend for two years and combine academic study with manual labor .​
Great emphasis is​ placed on the students learning self-sufficiency and contributing to​ their community .​
Every student is​ awarded a​ full scholarship here .​
The college is​ situated on a​ working cattle ranch and alfalfa farm .​
Students are expected to​ work on the ranch and farm, performing tasks such as​ baling hay and milking cows .​
The faculties on this college in​ California include Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics.
One of​ the most well known educational outlets in​ the state is​ the California Institute of​ Technology in​ Pasadena .​
Nicknamed Cal Tech, it​ has produced an​ impressive list of​ alumni and has sponsored pioneering research in​ the field of​ science and engineering .​
This private co-educational college in​ California has faculties that include Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Biology, Engineering and Applied Science and Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy .​
Many professors here are nobel laureates and the institute is​ respected all over the world .​
Applicants are not required to​ sit an​ admission interview but they are encouraged to​ tour the campus .​
There is​ also a​ thriving social life for the students with over 100 clubs, with interests in​ sport, music, drama and art .​

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