College For Oldies

College For Oldies

College for Oldies
The kids are older .​
You are older .​
You have more time on your hands .​
You decide that it’s time to​ go back to​ school and finish your degree .​
Now what? There are several choices to​ consider .​
First, you’ll need to​ research the schools in​ your area to​ find what works for you and your time .​
There are courses you can take in​ the evenings, weekends, or​ even online .​
You can take the traditional route and attend day classes.
Evening and weekend classes are more informal and often smaller in​ class size .​
You’ll find older students, parents, and grandparents .​
Online courses can be worked on your own schedule but usually have a​ heavier homework load and harder tests .​
You have to​ have a​ lot of​ self-discipline and motivation .​
Day classes have more action .​
Most students take classes during the day and the classes are larger .​

Next, you have to​ enroll .​
This involves admissions and orientation .​
You might want to​ meet with a​ counselor to​ discuss your class options .​
You’ll need to​ find out class requirements and schedules .​
If you know what your major will be, you can meet with a​ counselor in​ that department .​
They will tell you what you should take and answer most of​ your questions .​

Registration can be confusing .​
You have to​ work out the classes you want with what is​ available and fits in​ your schedule .​
Once you get registered and know what your classes are, find your books and get ready to​ start school .​
If it’s been a​ long time since you’ve been to​ school, expect that things will have changed a​ lot .​
Enjoy the chance to​ learn new things and expand your mind .​
And try not to​ roll your eyes at​ the giggly girls in​ your classes.

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