College Corner

College Corner

Every day that passes offers parents the opportunity to​ share valuable life lessons they have learned with their college-aged student. One of​ the most important of​ those lessons is​ financial management, and the more you talk about it​ to​ your students as​ they enter young adulthood, the more successful they will be during college and throughout their lives.

To help college-bound students manage their budgets, Chase offers resources to​ guide students on how to​ manage their finances responsibly from the first day of​ class to​ graduation, and beyond.

Financial Management 101

Before they fill their schedules with biology, economics and philosophy, encourage your college-bound students to​ make room for Financial Management 101, an​ important life "curriculum," as​ they go through the school year.

These tips from Chase will help your students get a​ passing financial grade and may even land them on the financial honor roll:

1. Create a​ budget for the school year-and stick to​ it.

A-List out all your income/ loan disbursements

B-List out all your expenses

C-Make sure a​ is​ greater than B.

Check this on a​ monthly basis to​ make sure you're on track.

2. Know your budget and credit limit before you spend.

3. Keep track of​ all purchases and plan your use of​ credit cards.

4. to​ avoid late fees and build a​ positive credit history, always pay all your bills on time.

5. Learn about and track your credit bureau information and rating. Go to​ www.annu for more information.

Learning to​ handle their own finances can be one of​ life's most important lessons for your students.

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