College Bound 6 Tips For A Pain Free Move

College Bound 6 Tips For A Pain Free Move

Moving away to​ college, with all of​ your possessions in​ tow, is​ more than just a​ headache. it​ also can be a​ pain in​ the neck, back and legs.

Constant lifting and carrying heavy items can overwork your muscles and leave your body stressed, fatigued and in​ pain. W.F. Young Inc., the maker of​ Absorbine Jr. pain relief products, offers the following tips to​ help you alleviate the aches and pains of​ moving.

* Pack efficiently. Suitcases not only are heavy and cumbersome, they also pose a​ storage problem in​ a​ small dorm room. Pack clothes in​ laundry bags or​ trash bags instead. Laundry bags can be folded and stored and trash bags can be thrown away after they are unpacked.

* Use a​ cart or​ dolly. Many universities provide carts that students can use to​ move their possessions into their dorm rooms. The carts are in​ high demand, however, so there often is​ a​ long wait to​ use one. Purchase a​ dolly from a​ home improvement store and avoid the lines.

* Lift with care. Before you lift a​ heavy item, stand with your feet apart and firmly planted on the ground. Bend your knees and use the power of​ your legs to​ lift the object.

* Take breaks. Don't overextend yourself. Taking frequent water breaks and sitting down for a​ couple of​ minutes will help you regroup throughout the day.

* Don't do it​ alone. Take this opportunity to​ make new friends. Ask your roommate or​ neighbor for help moving furniture and other heavy items around your room. in​ turn, ask if​ he or​ she needs assistance.

* Plan for pain relief. to​ treat sore muscles, bring along an​ over-the-counter product such as​ Absorbine Jr. This pain relief liquid contains botanical extracts and helps relieve aches, strains and minor arthritis pain.

This antiseptic also is​ great for college students to​ have on hand for occasional scrapes, cuts and bruises and to​ treat the itch associated with athlete's foot.

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