Collecting Glassware For Pleasure And Profit

Collecting glassware can be a​ richly rewarding past-time. Glassware can be both beautiful and practical and bring joy to​ its owners and to​ those who see it. Plus you can often use items from your collection in​ your everyday life, therefore gaining even more pleasure from your glassware collection. You can collect antique glassware through to​ modern glassware.

Whether you are collecting glass for personal pleasure or​ purchasing as​ an​ investment, always remember the collectors mantra: Condition, Condition, Condition. The value of​ each piece of​ glass is​ in​ direct proportion to​ the condition of​ the item. The only exception to​ this rule would be if​ the glassware was a​ one-of-a-kind piece or​ extremely rare example of​ a​ particular technique. Even then, you would expect to​ purchase the glassware at​ a​ substantial discount. Common items rarely sell well in​ damaged condition.

Beginning collectors often go for quantity rather then quality by buying everything in​ sight. if​ you are just starting out collecting glassware don't stress too much about it​ ... as​ your collection grows your taste will evolve and you may choose to​ specialize in​ a​ particular style or​ period of​ glassware.

As your tastes change and your collection grows try to​ buy the best examples of​ your chosen style that you can afford. Stretch the budget a​ little if​ you can. Remember, quality is​ better than quantity and a​ quality item will hold or​ increase its value.

So, how to​ you recognize a​ quality glassware item? Buy and read books. There are many reference books available that focus on specific glassware manufacturers. The books will also help you focus on a​ particular style of​ glassware and you begin collecting. Learn which shapes are rare and which colors were produced in​ small quantities. Also watch for information on one-of-a-kind pieces. Always take your books with you when you go to​ shows so you can recognize a​ bargain.

The Internet offers many opportunities for glassware collectors to​ expand a​ collection, as​ you are no longer limited to​ visiting local shows and dealers. Check eBay and other auction sites on a​ regular basis to​ watch for items you'd like to​ add to​ your collection. And, remember, if​ there are pieces in​ your collection that you no longer want you can sell them on the internet and make space for (and money) for more desirable items for your glassware collection.

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