Coffee Ideas To Try In Your Kitchen

Coffee Ideas To Try In Your Kitchen

Coffee Ideas To Try In Your Kitchen
When you think of​ cocktails, your immediate image is​ probably of​ highly colored fruit juices and strong spirits, dressed with a​ sparkly umbrella and a​ piece of​ pineapple .​
It might surprise you to​ know about the vast range of​ coffee cocktails around, for those looking for a​ different sort of​ lift .​
With the advent of​ grind and brew coffee makers we can make the perfect cup of​ coffee right in​ our kitchen, now we just need something exciting to​ mix with it!
We will start with the very simple and innocent frappe, mostly found in​ Europe and South America it​ is​ made by mixing crushed ice, sugar milk and cold espresso, and is​ a​ popular drink during hot weather .​
The addition of​ one measure of​ brandy and another of​ crème de cacao makes a​ more exciting drink .​

The antithesis of​ the simple frappe is​ the decadent Cappuccino Borgia .​
This consists of​ a​ mixture of​ orange juice, freshly peeled orange, a​ double dark espresso, milk, and chocolate ice cream .​
The sweetness of​ the ice cream is​ offset but the sharpness of​ the citrus fruit and the bitter taste of​ the coffee creating a​ fantastic overall taste .​
Back to​ something lighter, and we could try a​ Calypso Cooler, straight from the Caribbean .​
a​ couple of​ properly ripe bananas and some coffee ice cream mixed with a​ cool strong filter coffee is​ the base .​
However, for a​ truly Caribbean experience, a​ measure of​ rum can five the Cooler the lift it​ requires .​

For a​ filling alternative, we can look to​ the ancient world for a​ Caffee Zabaglone, or​ a​ more modern version found in​ New Orleans .​
The Caffee Zabaglone mixed marsala, sugar, egg yolks a​ little salt and a​ good strong Italian brew .​
This was all whisked and heated until thick .​
The New Orleans version incorporates a​ strong full bodied American roast with full cream, eggnog and bourbon, and is​ popular around Mardi Gras .​

For a​ truly warming experience, the Scandinavians have concocted the Cardamom Caffee .​
Traditionally this spice is​ used in​ thick strong Turkish coffee, and it​ can give quite a​ kick to​ any hot drink .​
For the Cardamom Caffee, mix Cognac and Curacao, with sugar and a​ Cardamom pod .​
Heat briefly and then set alight with a​ match .​
Add a​ strong dark filter coffee and enjoy the results!

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