Co Op Advertising A Win Win Proposition

Co Op Advertising A Win Win Proposition

Co-op Advertising: a​ Win/Win Proposition
An easy way for​ a​ small business to​ expand its marketing budget is​ through cooperative advertising .​
Cooperative advertising, or​ as​ sometimes abbreviated Co-op, is​ when a​ producer of​ goods, for​ use by service providers or​ for​ resale, reimburses the​ advertising business in​ part or​ in​ full for​ advertising expenditures that involves its products .​
These programs are widely available because quite simply they save the​ producers of​ goods money .​
Bottom line is​ that local advertising rates available to​ the​ advertising business are at​ least 20% lower than national advertising rates .​
Therefore, the​ benefit for​ the​ producers of​ goods is​ increased brand recognition within that market at​ the​ lower local advertising rates, enhanced reseller relations, and​ much more.
However, cooperative advertising programs are an​ integral part of​ the​ producers own strategic marketing plan and​ for​ this reason they may not only vary from producer to​ producer but from product to​ product .​
Also, because these programs are an​ integral part of​ the​ producers strategic marketing plan, stringent rules and​ regulations are often placed on cooperative advertising dollars .​
These rules and​ regulations may cover media channels chosen, product placement, ad positioning and​ size, and​ much more .​
Additionally, there may be a​ separate set of​ guidelines that the​ advertising business must follow for​ financial reimbursement of​ advertising expenditures.
Because of​ the​ perceived complexity of​ cooperative advertising; businesses may feel intimated by the​ rules and​ regulations, not ask about cooperative advertising opportunities, or​ for​ help .​
a​ business owner or​ manager should ask every vendor that supplies the​ business with goods about what cooperative programs are available to​ the​ business and​ how the​ business can take advantage of​ these programs .​
Once the​ advertising business has established its cooperative advertising programs with its vendors all necessary information should be shared with the​ representatives of​ the​ chosen media channels to​ ensure proper execution of​ the​ advertising to​ meet the​ producer’s rules and​ regulations.
Cooperative advertising is​ a​ win/win proposition for​ the​ producer and​ advertising business .​
These programs allow producers to​ increase brand recognition in​ the​ market at​ the​ much lower local advertising rates and​ allow the​ advertising business to​ increase its marketing budget at​ no additional cost to​ the​ business .​
All small businesses should actively pursue these valuable cooperative advertising opportunities.

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