Clutter Busters Simple Strategies For Cleaning Up Your Act

Clutter Busters Simple Strategies For Cleaning Up Your Act

With of​ the​ biggest challenges couples and​ families face is​ CLUTTER, both dealing with it​ and​ avoiding it. But, according to​ experts, there's really no need to​ stress over "mess", especially if​ you learn how to​ clean up your act, BEFORE it​ gets out of​ control

1. Front and​ Center: Deal with items such as​ loose change, keys, mail, etc. right at​ the​ front door. Consider a​ console or​ nearby shelf on the​ wall on which to​ place things neatly and​ out of​ the​ way. And, don't forget to​ sort mail immediately tossing anything you'd consider junk (though that doesn't include bills).

2. Go Barefoot On the​ Parquet: Okay, one of​ my biggest pet peeves is​ taking shoes off at​ the​ front door. After all, if​ you're visiting someone or​ attending a​ house party, shoes are part of​ the​ ESSENTIAL accessories that make and​ complete the​ outfit. Taking them off just makes the​ ensemble look, well, "silly". Still, I'll have to​ admit that for​ the​ "casual" get- together or​ on a​ daily basis, keeping the​ floors clean may not be such a​ great feat, if​ friends and​ family leave their shoes at​ the​ door and​ walk around in​ bare or​ stockingeed feet.

3. Book Ban: Get rid of​ old books and​ magazines that are piling up on the​ table, nightstand, or​ on the​ office or​ living room floor. Consider donating books to​ hospitals, hospices, nursing homes or​ to​ your local library. You can donate magazines to​ your local salon, doctor's or​ dentist's office. Organize books and​ magazines you intend to​ keep on shelves or​ in​ a​ smart magazine file.

4. Counter Countertop Clutter: Make it​ a​ "ritual" to​ clear off tabletops and​ countertops when you are finished using them or​ before you retire for​ the​ evening. And, don't let things pile up. Also make sure to​ have a​ safe storage spot for​ remotes and​ think about getting a​ universal one to​ program most of​ your entertainment systems, limiting the​ confusion and​ the​ clutter.

5. Fun and​ Games: No doubt children want and​ need toys, but they certainly don't need to​ have them "everywhere". Make sure you clean up after really small children or​ help youngsters clean up after themselves. Have a​ designated play area in​ your home and​ a​ storage crate to​ hold the​ essentials... and​ think about color-coding each crate for​ each child.

6. Take a​ Load Off Doing the​ Laundry: Make sure everyone knows to​ put their clothes in​ a​ hamper (not on the​ floor) when they are dirty or​ when they take them off. And, make sure you separate whites, darks, and​ colors beforehand. Finally, consider doing a​ load of​ laundry in​ small increments, before each basket is​ full, to​ avoid laundry overload.

7. Learn to​ Bottle Things Up: Open bags can take up lots of​ space and​ simply look messy. Consider instead storing chips, nuts, etc. in​ pretty glass (or plastic) containers that can be moved from room to​ room, offer airtight storage, can easily be stored or​ displayed.

8. Stop Playing Hide and​ Seek With Your Hardware: Instead of​ rummaging through boxes, drawers, etc. for​ the​ necessary, nut, bolts and​ screwdrivers, consider investing in​ a​ pegboard. You can buy a​ sheet at​ your local hardware store and​ hang it​ on an​ "inconspicuous" wall, then purchase the​ accompanying accessories designed to​ help you organize.

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