Clothing Store A Complete Shopping Review

Clothing Store A Complete Shopping Review

Few weeks back, my sisters and​ I decided to​ make a​ trip to​ the​ Mall of​ America. During the​ trip one of​ my sisters stated that she was interested in​ finding a​ clothing store that specializes in​ children’s clothes. as​ for​ my other sister and​ I, we were interested in​ shopping to​ purchase something for​ ourselves as​ well as​ our husbands. as​ soon as​ we reached at​ the​ mall we found a​ directory. There was a​ listing for​ a​ clothing store for​ every apparel item anyone could want.

First, we started at​ a​ clothing store for​ children’s apparel. My sister had selected several items for​ her grandchildren. at​ the​ side of​ the​ children’s store was a​ coffee bar where we had wonderful coffee and​ Danish. After a​ quick break, it​ was off to​ the​ next clothing store. According to​ the​ directory the​ store I was interested in​ was up one flight of​ stairs from the​ coffee bar. at​ this clothing store I found a​ very unique shirt for​ the​ summer.

We were very happy with the​ prices and​ how simple it​ was to​ locate the​ stores that we were interested in. Our next stop we headed to​ a​ great store that specialized in​ golfing apparel. We each found something for​ our husband’s, so that they would have a​ memento of​ our shopping trip also. This sure seemed like a​ fitting purchase considering they were golfing together as​ we shopped.

My oldest sister still wanted to​ find a​ clothing store that handled swimwear. She was looking forward to​ go on a​ cruise and​ wanted to​ buy a​ swimsuit with a​ matching cover up. Though we found a​ shop that exclusively handled swimwear but it​ was geared for​ young girls. However the​ manager of​ the​ swimwear shop recommended we check another clothing store on the​ third level of​ the​ mall. the​ store she directed us to​ specialize entirely in​ cruise wear. My sister was pleased with the​ selection in​ this clothing store. They had a​ number of​ swimsuits and​ cover ups for​ her to​ select from and​ also evening wear. This specialty store was more expensive than the​ others we had been in, but the​ quality of​ the​ apparel seemed worth the​ extra cost.

Just next to​ the​ specialty store that specialized in​ cruise wear we found another directory to​ help us find a​ restaurant to​ eat lunch at. We located a​ fantastic restaurant that was just across an​ accessory store that we were all interested in​ looking at. at​ this store we each found jewelry that complimented the​ clothing we had purchased earlier.

For sure, our trip to​ the​ Mall of​ America was a​ great deal of​ fun. We each not only found a​ clothing store that suited our taste but also our budget. at​ the​ end we did not have time or​ energy left to​ try out the​ hundreds of​ other stores that are in​ the​ mall. We agreed that our next trip we would concentrate on shopping in​ the​ specialty shops rather than our favorite clothing store.

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