Climbing Equipment Biners And Harnesses

Climbing Equipment Biners And Harnesses

Due to​ the​ nature of​ the​ sport and​ the​ risks involved, climbing requires a​ great deal of​ training and​ experience. the​ equipment involved in​ climbing is​ not only to​ get you to​ where you want to​ go but also to​ protect you from injury and​ fatality.

There are many pieces of​ equipment but the​ first basic ones to​ familiarize yourself with is​ the​ karabiners (carabiners, or​ “biners”), rope harness and​ ropes. These are basic pieces of​ equipment for​ most styles of​ climbing, excluding the​ more dangerous style of​ free climbing.

Karabiners come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes and​ are made of​ durable yet light aluminum. There are two types of​ biners; locking and​ non-locking. the​ type you will use for​ your climb depends on the​ type of​ climb and​ thus the​ degree of​ safety required.

Non-locking biners are oval shaped and​ have a​ swing clasp opening. With the​ use of​ ropes, they are used as​ a​ stay to​ connect a​ rope harness, pitons and​ other gear. the​ rope is​ pushed against the​ clasp, enters the​ loop, and​ a​ spring action quickly closes the​ clasp.

Locking biners are very similar to​ non-locking ones but they provide an​ extra measure of​ security. There is​ a​ sleeve on the​ clasp that locks it​ into place after the​ rope is​ in​ the​ biner. While some are self-locking, most require a​ simple twist to​ secure and​ lock it.

Karabiners are made to​ hold your weight and​ that of​ your equipment. They will rarely break but it​ does happen especially in​ extreme cold weather. it​ is​ suggested to​ use two biners when attaching a​ rope harness.

The rope harness is​ another piece of​ basic equipment that is​ used in​ all styles of​ climbing. the​ harness is​ what cradles you while you are climbing and​ attaches you to​ the​ ropes with the​ use of​ biners. There are different types of​ rope harnesses and​ choosing the​ right one depends on the​ style of​ climbing you’ll be doing.

A sit harness is​ used for​ rock climbing and​ abseiling and​ is​ only worn around the​ chest and​ shoulders. There is​ a​ waist strap and​ two leg loops and​ it​ offers you freedom of​ movement. a​ chest harness is​ sometimes used along with the​ sit harness to​ prevent you from flipping around and​ to​ provide more stabilization. a​ full body harness is​ essentially a​ combination of​ the​ sit and​ chest harness. it​ provides less freedom of​ movement but is​ usually preferred by beginners since it​ gives the​ climber a​ higher sense of​ security.

Climbing is​ a​ sport that requires you to​ know the​ equipment inside and​ out. Doing so will ensure you have a​ safe and​ enjoyable climb.

Climbing Equipment Biners And Harnesses

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