Clicker Training Your Dog

Clicker Training Your Dog

If you​ are looking to​ train your dog you​ might consider using the​ 'clicker training' method,​ which has recently become popular amongst dog trainers all over the​ country. in​ this method the​ trainer has to​ make use of​ a​ clicker,​ a​ tiny plastic box with a​ metal button which makes a​ distinctive click sound once the​ button has been pressed. the​ training method is​ simple and is​ in​ many ways parallel to​ the​ positive training method. Here is​ what you​ have to​ do. Decide on​ a​ certain behavior which you​ want to​ teach or​ reinforce your dog to​ do. a​ number of​ behaviors/actions come naturally to​ the​ dog like sitting,​ eating,​ standing,​ barking etc. and these need just to​ be reinforced so that your dog knows when you​ want him to​ do what. Various other actions like acting dead,​ shaking hands,​ rolling over etc. do not come naturally to​ the​ dog and need to​ be taught. Clicker training can be used to​ do both.

Clicker training works according to​ the​ basic principles of​ operant conditioning,​ by associating the​ sound of​ the​ clicker with a​ food item which the​ dog particularly likes. Now all you​ have to​ do is​ use the​ clicker to​ command the​ dog to​ do something,​ the​ dog,​ given that he associates the​ sound of​ the​ clicker with the​ food,​ immediately obliges and the​ training is​ complete.

Let us take an​ example to​ illustrate the​ method better,​ suppose you​ want to​ teach your dog to​ sit,​ you​ put a​ cookie on​ your dog's nose playfully and then move it​ upwards,​ the​ dog will obviously follow the​ movement of​ the​ biscuit with its nose and will then naturally rest its posterior on​ the​ floor,​ thereby putting himself in​ a​ sitting position. Now time your clicking to​ be so accurate as​ to​ occur right as​ the​ dog seats himself,​ now give him the​ biscuit and praise him. Continue doing this for sometime till the​ dog begins to​ associate the​ clicking with the​ food until the​ click makes him sit without you​ luring him with treats. Now teach him another behavior,​ but remember to​ attach the​ clicking cue only once the​ animal himself offers you​ the​ behavior otherwise the​ clicking will not be connected to​ anything in​ the​ dog's head and he will be confused regarding what it​ means.

Your dog is​ one smart little animal and it's time you​ gave him due credit for that. a​ number of​ trainers have been known to​ use negative reinforcement techniques alongside the​ clicker method but this simply doesn't work because punishment at​ all times creates a​ number of​ unwanted behavior even if​ it​ serves the​ primary purpose of​ teaching the​ dog to​ not do something temporarily.

Any kind of​ training is​ a​ strenuous and rigorous process and needs time and patience. Although clicker training method has a​ high success rate it​ might not work for certain types of​ dogs,​ if​ you​ see that it's not working for your pet you​ would be well advised to​ use some other technique to​ teach it​ tricks.

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