Click And Treat Training For Dogs

Click And Treat Training For Dogs

The first major improvement in​ dog training since choke chains and spiked collars,​ click and treat has quickly establishing itself in​ becoming a​ big hit in​ the​ world of​ dog training. Currently,​ there are over 10,​000 trainers who are using this training method everyday.

One advantage to​ using this form of​ training at​ home is​ it’s easy to​ learn for both the​ dog and his trainer!

Originally used to​ train marine mammals,​ click and treat breaks down the​ process into two separate steps,​ information and motivation. the​ click is​ the​ information,​ the​ treat is​ the​ motivation. While other trainers still work on​ these two steps,​ they try to​ teach them all at​ once,​ which can confuse the​ animal and slow down results.

Most trainers will verbally praise a​ dog for good behavior,​ while at​ the​ same time motivating the​ dog to​ repeat his actions. This can be a​ good method,​ however it​ takes longer for the​ dog to​ understand which behaviors and actions caused the​ praise from the​ trainer.

With the​ click and treat method,​ the​ processes are easily taught. in​ normal training,​ a​ person would say “good boy” when a​ welcomed action occurs and proceed with giving a​ treat. the​ clicker becomes a​ substitute for verbal praise and can actually catch the​ “good boy” behavior quicker than saying it,​ letting the​ dog know exactly which behavior he is​ being rewarded for.

Another way to​ look at​ click and treat training is​ viewing it​ as​ a​ secondary reinforcement,​ while food,​ water,​ physical affection and play (things the​ dog wants) become primary reinforcement. When you​ take a​ dog for a​ walk,​ the​ leash works as​ a​ secondary reinforcement. it​ is​ obvious to​ the​ dog that the​ leash is​ not taking him for a​ walk; the​ owner is,​ however,​ it​ triggers a​ reaction in​ the​ dog,​ telling him that the​ leash will let him know where he will go and where he will not. And if​ he reacts to​ the​ leash with good behavior,​ his reward will be a​ nice leisurely walk.

Click and treat works the​ same way. When a​ dog hears the​ clicker,​ he will know that he performed a​ good behavior and as​ long as​ he keeps hearing a​ click,​ there is​ a​ treat coming his way. So,​ the​ clicker works as​ a​ secondary reinforcement,​ teaching him boundaries and appropriate behavior.

A couple advantages of​ the​ click and treat method include;

1) Faster response than verbal praise. the​ clicker can identify the​ exact behavior at​ the​ time it​ happens.

2) it​ takes the​ place of​ treats. While motivating the​ dog to​ hear clicks,​ it​ will also teach him to​ work without the​ expectations of​ having treats given to​ him each time he does something good.

3) if​ the​ trainer is​ working at​ a​ distance from the​ dog,​ the​ clicker will still work,​ without having to​ be right next him.

Are you​ ready to​ try clicker training?

The first thing you’ll need to​ do is​ go to​ your favorite pet supply store and invest in​ a​ clicker. the​ clicker is​ nothing fancy and should just cost you​ under five dollars. While you’re there grab some pocket treats,​ little bits of​ dried liver work well.

A good method to​ use when getting started with click and treat is​ to​ stand in​ front of​ the​ animal. Click the​ clicker and give a​ treat. Continue doing this for 20-30 minutes,​ or​ until the​ dog becomes startled by the​ sound of​ the​ click. This will familiarize him to​ the​ clicking sound,​ while teaching him that every time he hears it,​ he has done something good. After he gets the​ hang of​ it,​ begin by adding commands,​ such as​ “sit” and “stay.”

Click and treat has proven to​ be a​ simple,​ yet consistent training method with quick results. So for the​ trainers out there who are looking for a​ new and innovative way to​ motivate and praise their animals,​ get out there,​ buy a​ clicker and…!

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