Cleveland Schools Students And Programs Supported By Politicians And

Cleveland Schools Students And Programs Supported By Politicians And Celebrities

Film Star Prepares Cleveland Schools’ Students for​ Future Performances

Otis Sallid, a​ choreographer and​ director, is​ offering Cleveland Schools ’ students a​ chance to​ gain from classes in​ dance and​ acting. the​ classes are in​ cooperation with the​ Ohio Theatre, which is​ using the​ classes as​ a​ way to​ recruit for​ its upcoming productions. the​ classes will be held at​ the​ studios in​ the​ Playhouse Square.

Sallid is​ well qualified to​ teach these classes. He is​ a​ winner of​ the​ Bob Fosse L.A. Choreographers Dance Award, whose film credits include Spike Lee’s School Daze, Do the​ Right Thing, and​ Malcolm X, and​ Disney’s Sister Act II. Sallid has also done work for​ several television sitcoms like, Living Single, for​ Your Love, and​ Suddenly Susan. the​ Cleveland Schools’ Director of​ Performing Arts endorses the​ classes fully.

Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Joe Jurevicius Gives Cleveland Schools’ Students a​ Lesson in​ Financial Responsibility

At Cleveland Schools’ South High School, students were able to​ learn about how to​ manage money for​ the​ future as​ part of​ the​ VISA, NFL and​ PLAYERS INC., “Financial Football” Program. This program teaches students about money management. the​ class will be taught by Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius and​ Jason Alderman, director of​ Visa USA. the​ program is​ centered around the​ interactive computer game “Financial Football”, an​ educational program that teaches about value and​ use of​ money. Cleveland Schools is​ one of​ seventeen school districts from across the​ country chosen to​ host the​ program.

Politicians Support the​ Cleveland Schools’ 3R’s Program

The Cleveland Schools’ 3R’s Program Rights, Responsibilities and​ Realities is​ cooperation between the​ Cleveland Bar Association and​ the​ Cleveland Schools. This program has over 600 local attorneys, judges and​ law students to​ help offer support and​ advice to​ students about their future. This volunteer program aims to​ help tenth grade students in​ the​ Cleveland Schools increase their success rates on the​ Ohio Graduation Test by improving their understanding and​ respect for​ the​ rule of​ law and​ our Constitution and​ to​ provide practical career counseling to​ focus students on their potential beyond high school.

This is​ accomplished by teams visiting tenth grade social studies classes in​ twenty-one Cleveland Schools’ high schools each month. the​ Ohio Graduation Test is​ only one part of​ the​ program, the​ volunteers will also help students make decisions about their future, help them set goals, prepare them for​ pre-college testing, guide them to​ resources for​ financial assistance and​ coach them in​ developing a​ strong resume. the​ first session of​ the​ 3Rs program was held Friday, September 22. Prior to​ the​ first session a​ rally was held to​ kick off the​ program. Key speakers at​ this rally were: Dr. Eugene Sanders, CEO, Cleveland Schools; Hugh McKay, President, Cleveland Bar Association; Lawrence Davis, Chairman, Cleveland Board of​ Education; Robert Triozzi, Director of​ Law, City of​ Cleveland; Louis Stokes, former U.S. Congressman; the​ Honorable Patricia Hemann, U.S. Magistrate Judge; and​ Joanne DeMarco, President, Cleveland Teachers Union. Cleveland Schools’ John Marshall High School marching band and​ Cleveland School of​ the​ Arts choral singers, John F. Kennedy High School cheerleaders cheering on 3Rs and​ a​ dramatic presentation of​ the​ Constitution by students from various schools was the​ entertainment for​ the​ rally.

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