Clep College Level Examination Program

Clep College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program or​ CLEP is​ a​ system of​ testing people’s college level knowledge acquired through course work, independent study, cultural pursuits, travel, special interests, military service schools, and professional development. The CLEP is​ comprised of​ a​ series of​ CLEP tests that are organized at​ testing centers on college and university campuses.

Over 2,900 colleges and universities accept CLEP General and Subject exams for credits. a​ CLEP test or​ exam helps the US students in​ high schools or​ universities to​ win credits for the successful completion of​ their respective courses for each academic term. a​ CLEP test covers the syllabus taught in​ courses that are taken by most students, as​ requirements in​ the first two years of​ college.

The CLEP tests may have different designs or​ patterns; some correspond to​ one-semester courses and some correspond to​ full-year or​ two-year courses. The pattern or​ design is​ usually given in​ a​ CLEP exam’s description. Generally, a​ CLEP test is​ intended to​ cover material in​ a​ one-semester course. a​ CLEP test is​ usually 90 minutes long, and except for English Composition with Essay, a​ CLEP test mostly includes multiple-choice questions or​ fill-ins.

The minimum score for awarding credit is​ recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE), but the standard of​ acceptable score and the amount of​ credit granted for each CLEP test is​ determined by the institutions concerned. Usually, a​ college or​ University grants the same amount of​ credit to​ students earning satisfactory scores on the CLEP test as​ it​ grants to​ students successfully completing that course.

The CLEP tests are managed by the College Board, a​ not-for-profit examination board in​ the United States. Founded in​ the 19th century, the College Board also manages standardized tests, such as​ the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, CLEP, ACCUPLACER, and the subject-specific SAT Subject Tests and Advanced Placement tests.

The current fee for a​ CLEP test is​ $60 ($65, effective July 1, 2018); however the CLEP tests are free for Military personnel. The College Board brought in​ a​ computer-based version of​ the CLEP tests at​ national test centers at​ colleges and universities in​ July 2018. There are now over 1300 colleges and universities that administer the CLEP eCBT tests. On Feb 16 2018, DANTES up-front funding of​ the CLEP eCBT test fee for eligible military and civilian examinees at​ national test centers. However, DANTES does not fund the advance, non-refundable registration fee that is​ charged by national test centers to​ reserve a​ date and time for testing. The examinee is​ responsible for paying this fee that ranges from $15 to​ $25 per test.

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