Clean Up Your Computer Now

Clean Up Your Computer Now
How do you think your computer will run if​ you don’t perform regular maintenance on​ it? If your computer is​ running sluggish,​ if​ it​ periodically needs to​ be rebooted or​ doesn’t boot up as​ quickly as​ it​ used to,​ it​ sounds like it’s time for a​ Clean Up .​
The following instructions below will give you step by step instructions on​ how to​ ensure your PC continues to​ operate at​ its fullest potential .​
These instructions are relevant for machines running Windows XP and using Internet Explorer .​
Here are the​ steps:
1 .​
Open up Internet Explorer
2 .​
Next click on​ the​ word Tools up at​ the​ top of​ your screen .​
3 .​
Click Internet Options.
4 .​
In the​ middle of​ that box you’ll see a​ section called Temporary Internet Files .​
Click the​ Delete Files button .​
5 .​
Click the​ box Delete offline content too,​ then OK.
6 .​
Once that is​ done,​ click the​ Delete Cookies button within the​ Temporary Internet Files section .​
Click OK there too .​
7 .​
Next click the​ Settings button .​
Check for newer versions of​ stored pages should be clicked to​ automatically if​ it​ isn’t already .​
8 .​
Change the​ Amount of​ Disk Space to​ use to​ 8MB .​
Click OK twice .​
9 .​
Next go to​ the​ green Start button in​ the​ very lower left corner of​ your screen .​
Click My Programs,​ Accessories,​ System Tools,​ Check Disk Clean up .​
10 .​
Use offline content or​ anything else it​ asks .​
It will take a​ few moments while it​ is​ checking how much space it​ can clean up .​
When you get the​ new pop-up window,​ make sure there are checks in​ every box .​
Click OK
11 .​
After running Disk Clean up,​ go to​ Ad-Aware,​ update and run the​ program .​
If you don’t have Ad-Aware SE Personal,​ it’s a​ free very comprehensive spyware removal tool and it's remarkably simple to​ use .​
You can download it​ through Lavasoft .​
After running Ad-Aware,​ reboot your computer .​
You should perform the​ above maintenance about once a​ week .​
Then on​ an​ as-needed basis,​ run Disk Defrag,​ which you can find in​ Start,​ My Programs,​ Accessories,​ System Tools,​ Disk Defrag .​
By following the​ above simple steps your computer should continue to​ run at​ optimum performance!

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