Classic Tv Dvds Return Bob Hope To The Small Screen

Classic Tv Dvds Return Bob Hope To The Small Screen

Classic TV DVDs Return Bob Hope to​ the​ Small Screen
I’m so old, they’ve canceled my blood type quipped Bob Hope, upon reaching the​ age of​ 100 in​ July 2003 .​
Indeed, Bob Hope has been around throughout the​ 20th century, becoming immortal to​ so many generations by entertaining the​ masses with countless films, TV and​ radio shows and​ of​ course his appearances with the​ troops overseas .​
Bob Hope was born on May 29, 1903 in​ Eltham, England although his family moved to​ Cleveland, Ohio when he was four years old (I left England at​ the​ age of​ four when I​ found out I​ couldn’t be king) .​
His first modest success in​ show business came in​ 1915 when he won a​ Charlie Chaplin imitation competition.
He began to​ work in​ vaudeville in​ the​ early 1920s and​ during the​ early 1930s was appearing on the​ stage in​ Broadway .​
His first film role was the​ Big Broadcast in​ 1938 in​ which he sang the​ song Thanks for​ the​ Memory in​ a​ duet with Shirley Ross .​
That song would become Bob Hope’s signature tune.
Bob Hope appeared in​ over 75 films throughout his career although he only won two honorary Oscars .​
He even joked about his lack of​ Oscar awards - Oscar night at​ our house is​ called Passover! He may not have won many Oscars but he enjoyed bringing his unique humor to​ the​ awards ceremony – he presented or​ co-presented them on a​ record 18 occasions up until 1977.
His most famous movies, of​ course remain the​ series of​ road movies that he made with Bing Crosby during the​ 1940s .​
He also starred in​ the​ Paleface along with Jane Russell which many consider his best film .​
Today, many of​ his classic movies are available on DVD or​ regularly shown on cable TV channels.
Hope took to​ TV fairly late in​ his career, not entirely convinced that the​ still fairly new medium would succeed .​
Television – that’s where movies go when they die, quipped Hope once .​
However, it​ was television that really made Bob Hope a​ star and​ a​ household name throughout the​ United States.
Easter Sunday 1950 was a​ memorable day .​
It was on that day that Bob Hope made his formal television debut .​
In addition to​ Hope’s appearance, the​ Star Spangled Revue featured other popular entertainers and​ stars of​ the​ day including Dinah Shore and​ Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
The show’s formula was immediately successful and​ Bob Hope’s television shows remained successful for​ the​ next 40 years .​
NBC was his network of​ choice and​ Bob Hope appeared in​ many of​ the​ network’s Christmas and​ other holiday specials .​
His last TV special was in​ 1996 appearing alongside Tony Danza .​
Today these programs are rightly considered classic TV shows, television programs that translate for​ multiple generations.
Perhaps Bob Hope is​ most famous for​ his appearances with the​ troops, a​ gesture that almost certainly boosted morale far more than any appearance by the​ president .​
His first such appearance was in​ May 1941, when Bob Hope, along with various friends, appeared at​ March Field in​ California to​ entertain the​ airmen .​

The rest, as​ they say, is​ history .​
Bob Hope was soon christened G.I .​
Bob by the​ troops and​ went on to​ perform all over the​ world during the​ next 60 years .​
He has entertained troops and​ broadcast from Europe, the​ South Pacific, the​ Indian Ocean and​ the​ Persian Gulf .​
He nearly always appeared in​ army fatigues as​ a​ further gesture of​ support for​ the​ soldiers.

Bob Hope has been honored five times by the​ United States Congress, has been made honorary mayor of​ Palm Springs and​ an​ honorary veteran .​
He also has several theaters, a​ battleship and​ an​ airport named in​ his honor and​ his love of​ golf lives on in​ one of​ the​ sport’s major events – the​ Bob Hope Classic.
But his biggest legacy is​ the​ wealth of​ entertainment he has given us over the​ years .​
And of​ course, his sharp wit; his one-liners and​ quotes are almost as​ well known as​ his TV shows and​ movies .​
As he accurately remarked once, I’ve always been in​ the​ right place and​ time .​
Of course, I​ steered myself there.
~Ben Anton, 2018

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