Classic Car Insurance Quote Guide

Classic Car Insurance Quote Guide

When getting a​ classic car insurance quote online from an​ insurance company,​ it​ is​ always recommended to​ compare it​ with quotes issued by other companies with the​ same classic car insurance policy features. However,​ it​ is​ a​ challenging task to​ keep track of​ all of​ the​ information you​ need,​ and results are prone to​ mistakes and miscalculations. Here are some tips to​ help you​ simplify the​ process.

The first thing you​ need to​ do when you​ obtain your classic car insurance quote online is​ to​ assess your current auto insurance policy,​ and examine all the​ features it​ incorporates,​ such as​ limits for property,​ bodily injury,​ uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist; what the​ deductibles are; if​ you’re willing to​ pay for towing and rental care reimbursement; and if​ you​ have comprehensive coverage or​ just collision.

Determine if​ you​ are still going to​ need those features in​ your classic car insurance,​ and make note of​ any changes. For example,​ there’s no point opting for comprehensive coverage on​ an​ old car that has severely decreased in​ value. Therefore,​ getting only collision coverage might be able to​ save you​ a​ few hundred dollars on​ your classic car insurance premium.

Your second,​ particularly important step when receiving classic car insurance quote online is​ to​ gather specific information about your cars,​ and the​ people who drive them. Be prepared to​ list down information regarding:

1. Drivers license and Social Security Numbers for each driver.
2. Year,​ make and model of​ each vehicle to​ be insured.
3. Average mileage for each day,​ and whether it's used for business or​ pleasure.
4. Safety features such as​ Anti-lock Brakes (ABS),​ alarms,​ air bags etc for each vehicle.

Always make an​ effort to​ obtain at​ least three or​ more online quotes for your classic car insurance from various sources,​ because rates are liable to​ differ between car insurance companies.

Put down each online quote on​ the​ same sheet of​ paper,​ along with comments for each company you’ve listed. When looking for a​ cheap classic car insurance quote online,​ you​ must also bear in​ mind the​ importance of​ good value,​ such as​ financial stability,​ fast claims service and good customer service.

When you’ve tracked down the​ online classic car insurance quote that meet your requirements,​ keep it​ under scrutiny for a​ couple of​ days in​ order to​ be certain that you’ve got the​ right insurance coverage for your classic car.

Ask a​ lot of​ questions if​ you’re doing business with an​ agent or​ representative,​ who could probably be able to​ help you​ save a​ decent amount on​ your insurance. It’s also always a​ good idea to​ check if​ there’s a​ customer service contact on​ the​ insurer’s website when getting a​ classic car insurance quote online.

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