Classic 1970s Tv The Shows That Made The Family Tune In

Classic 1970s Tv The Shows That Made The Family Tune In

Classic 1970s TV: the​ shows that made the​ family tune in
Imagine a​ family, all sitting around the​ TV, possibly the​ only TV in​ the​ house .​
Dad is​ holding the​ remote control, which everyone refers to​ as​ the​ clicker .​
The remote has only two functions .​
One of​ the​ functions turns the​ TV off and​ on .​
The other changes the​ channels, all 7 or​ 8 of​ them, with a​ click of​ a​ button .​
Now try to​ imagine what that family is​ watching .​
Are you imagining them watching one of​ the​ classic TV shows from the​ 1970’s?
In the​ 1970s most families had one, maybe two televisions in​ the​ house, and​ the​ second television was usually stashed away in​ mom and​ dad’s room where they could watch the​ classic shows that the​ kids couldn’t watch yet like Maude or​ Soap .​
The televisions in​ the​ house might have even shown the​ programs in​ black and​ white .​
What kept families glued to​ these televisions that had only a​ handful of​ channels, an​ ancient clicker, and​ frequently no color? the​ classic TV shows from the​ 1970s, of​ course .​
There were so many family-friendly shows in​ a​ variety of​ genres.
For families that enjoyed comedies, the​ 1970s had some of​ the​ most memorable sitcoms .​
The families in​ the​ ‘70’s learned all about families in​ the​ 1950’s by watching the​ wildly popular Happy Days and​ its equally popular spin off Laverne and​ Shirley .​
Happy Days also launched the​ career of​ comedian Robin Williams who went on to​ star in​ another spin off of​ the​ show – Mork and​ Mindy .​
Other family friendly classic television shows of​ the​ 1970’s include the​ Partridge Family (with teen hearth throb David Cassidy), the​ show that introduced us to​ John Travolta, Welcome Back Kotter, One Day at​ a​ Time, Chico and​ the​ Man, the​ Odd Couple, Good Times, WKRP in​ Cincinnati, What’s Happening, Three’s Company and​ the​ Jeffersons.
Families with older children enjoyed comedies with a​ social conscience like All in​ the​ Family, Maude, Barney Miller or​ Mash .​
These classic 1970s sitcoms dealt with the​ social issues of​ the​ day in​ poignant yet comedic way.
Families also had several variety shows to​ choose from for​ their viewing pleasure .​
Classic variety shows such as​ the​ Donny and​ Marie Show and​ the​ Sonny and​ Cher Show had music, comedy sketches and​ popular guest stars each week .​
The Carol Burnett Show brought together some of​ the​ 1970’s funniest comedians each week and​ the​ Muppet Show combined the​ genius of​ Jim Henson’s fantastic creations with musical and​ comedy guest stars sharing the​ stage with Kermit, Miss Piggy and​ Animal.
There were plenty of​ one hour family dramas, too .​
Eight is​ Enough, Little House on the​ Prairie, and​ the​ Waltons were just a​ few of​ the​ classic television dramas that brought families together in​ front of​ the​ television each week.
There was also room for​ crime fighting and​ action heroes in​ the​ classic 1970s TV shows .​
The world learned what bionics was in​ the​ Six Million Dollar Man and​ its spin off the​ Bionic Woman .​
Each week families would tune in​ to​ see how Lee Majors and​ Jamie Sommers would use their bionic eyes and​ ears .​
CHiPs gave us a​ glimpse into the​ life of​ California Highway Patrol officers .​
Starsky and​ Hutch chased bad buys in​ their hot rod and​ BJ and​ the​ Bear tracked down bad guys in​ an​ 18 wheeler .​
Two other classic television shows from that era that can’t be defined by any of​ these other genres were the​ Love Boat and​ Fantasy Island .​
These shows were the​ place for​ the​ stars of​ yesteryear and​ the​ stars of​ the​ current era to​ make guest appearances, several at​ a​ time .​
For years, families stayed home on Saturday nights just to​ see who would get off the​ plane onto the​ island or​ turn up Julie the​ Cruise Director’s guest list.
In today’s modern times, there are hundreds of​ channels on each of​ the​ four or​ more TV sets in​ most homes .​
Yet, there seems to​ never be anything to​ watch, especially something that the​ whole family can enjoy together .​
Many of​ these classic TV shows from the​ 1970’s are now on DVD and​ can be bought or​ rented either online or​ at​ a​ store .​
Why not consider getting a​ classic TV DVD for​ your family this Friday night instead of​ the​ usually family movie?
~Ben Anton, 2018

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