City Of Sunderland College And Nersc Smart Card Initiative

City of​ Sunderland College and the North East Regional Smartcard Consortium (NERSC), supported by Diginus Ltd, have embarked upon an​ exciting e-Learning journey with the roll out of​ student smart cards. Aimed at​ making student life more rewarding, and simplifying college administration, the smart card scheme is​ being delivered as​ part of​ the wider NERSC initiative.

NERSC are a​ consortium of​ 26 local authorities in​ the North East of​ England. The consortium has ambitious plans to​ deliver a​ multi application, strongly authenticated, smart card throughout the region. The cards will be used to​ access local services from both the public and private sectors; encompassing such activities as​ e-Health, e-Education, and access to​ sports, leisure and entertainment facilities. The successful City of​ Sunderland College roll out is​ the largest example to​ date, with many thousands of​ cards already in​ circulation. NERSC fully intend to​ be seen as​ a​ role model for other English and European regions in​ their adoption and deployment of​ these innovative technologies.

The initiative is​ underpinned by a​ highly secure digital identity solution using an​ Open Source Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. This approach brings low cost yet robust and scalable technical solutions to​ this traditionally complex and expensive area. The PKI expertise is​ provided by Diginus Ltd, a​ leading player in​ PKI / smart card initiatives in​ both local government and business.

Other technology partners supporting NERSC include Fujitsu and ActivCard.

Facts and Figures: City of​ Sunderland College has upwards of​ 24,000 students and 900 staff. NERSC is​ a​ consortium of​ 26 local authorities in​ the North East of​ England.

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